An Evening with #NotYourShield

How Rogue Illuminatus trades his cultural identity for #GamerGate points.

Hello fellow literates! Last night, I had a very unpleasant conversation with #GamerGate member @pmb527, aka. Rogue illuminatus, the person who defecated the above statement. Before going into the details of our conversation, I’ll state for the record that I am a black man. This fact isn’t something I often advertise due to my desired anonymity and, unlike many in #NotYourShield, I don’t use my race or gender to deflect legitimate criticism. However, this article will become very uncomfortable very quickly if I don’t say it is written by someone who personally knows what it’s like to be black in America. We’ll see how Rogue illuminatus, who presumably also knows what it’s like to be black in America, will willfully disrespect his African American heritage for the sole purpose of putting on a show for #GamerGate.

This particular #GamerGate conversation starts as most do; with a Gator/harassment apologist showing up to smugly tell me why I’m wrong.

I instantly recognize Rogue because he is the source of one of the most ignorant and insulting tweets I have ever read. I bring it up to remind him of his less than valuable opinion.

Of course, “This episode” is in reference to “The Intimidation Game” episode of Law & Order: SVU. Rogue’s response:

I’m all too happy to oblige. Just so you all know, I am of the mindset that anyone who supports the gamers-are-just-like-blacks comparison can kiss my whole asshole.

Instead of admitting how disrespectful his February tweet is, Rogue doubles down by saying he’s allowed to disparage black history because he is black and I, ostensibly, am not. The irony that this is the exact behavior that many in #GamerGate accuse SJW’s of engaging is not lost on me. He also tries to erase my own blackness as he incorrectly assumes my experiences with racism are inherently less than his.

Real-life issues cause me to step away from the conversation for a while. My absence, however, doesn’t stop Rogue from continuing to diminish my racial identity for the enjoyment of his fellow Gators.

Once again, I am all too happy to oblige.

Rather than inform him of his anus-smooching privileges, I decide it might better to rebut his chosen thesis. Namely, that his opinions have more authority because his personal experience as an African-American outweigh mine.

He instantly takes offense when I make the exact same accusation he has, proving true my original comment that #GamerGate thinks their feelings matter more than yours.

I press on, challenging him to point out any instance where he brings up his ethnicity other than to directly benefit #GamerGate.

At this point, Rogue seems to suspect I am in fact black, and his preferred “tactic” of being #GamerGate’s special black snowflake won’t work. His argument devolves into a series of “fuck you”s and repeating his incredulousness that I dare question his racial identity, as if he hadn’t just spent the past hour doing exactly the same thing to me.

And as #GamerGate will always do when left with no other recourse, Rogue starts to dogpile me via subtweets, spamming the hashtag, and directly tweeting @ high-profile Gators.

If this was the end of the story, this article probably wouldn’t exist. While my experiences as a person of color instantly inform me that comparing SVU toBirth of a Nation is incredibly disrespectful, perhaps Rogue’s experiences honestly lead him to a different conclusion. However, it bugs me that Rogue refused to share even one tweet about race that wasn’t in defense of #GamerGate. Was it because of pride or inability? To find out, I peruse his timeline and discover it was latter. In fact, the only mention of race I can find in the week before our spat was this RT:

While this retweet confirms my suspicion that Rogue only invokes his “blackness” when it behoves #GamerGate, it is far more damning than that. This retweet is an endorsement where Rogue essentially agrees that comparisons of #GamerGate and the Ku Klux Klan are offensive because it trivializes the deaths of African Americans. Yet, he is willing forsake this belief for a tweet that equates the depiction of gamers in a subpar episode of a police procedural to the depiction of blacks in an infamously racist movie that was used for decades as a KKK recruitment tool. And he does this solely because it supports #GamerGate. Trading on his link to the black community just to please his online community is some straight up Uncle Tom bullshit, and is exactly the reason why Rogue should think very, very hard before using his “blackness” as a shield ever again. I am also very much aware of the power of the words I have used to describe Rogue, so I don’t want anyone to think for a second that my use of this language gives you permission to use the same words. That said, this post is an open letter to Rogue illuminatus once again encouraging him,

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