Can a man ever love a woman?

Sometimes I start to questions things I’ve always believed as a little test to my own so called open-mindedness.

Today it was reciprocated heterosexual love.

Please believe me when I tell you that I don’t often give two shits about heterosexual love because I find it boring and unoriginal.

But that is a personal problem.

Today’s question is one that concerns the majority of people who I surround myself with involuntarily. Otherwise known as my fellow college students.

And forgive me but I’m going to generalize this theory onto all men and women.

Can a man ever love a woman?

We are told that love is two halves of one heart.

That it is consumes and awakens our souls.

That it is the most beautiful thing a person can find.

But today I wonder if men can really truly love women at all.

They say they do.

And women want so desperately to believe it.

Even the women who act and speak as though they only want sex.

Every woman I have ever met has loved a man so wholly and deeply that I watched the feeling break her.

She makes excuses.

She says that nobody understands him like she does.

She claims he’s different when his friends are around.

But is it true?

Is any of it true?

Maybe the entire male population has come to an unspoken agreement not to let us crack the code.

Don’t let her know, they’d think.

If she finds out I can’t love her, she’ll never have sex with me.

If she finds out I can’t love her, she’ll never hang around me.

And from what I’ve seen that’s all they really need to keep them satisfied.

As long as a man is getting sex, or at least attention that could lead to sex, or at the very least attention in front of other people, he is satisfied.

I’ve never met a man in love.

I’ve never seen a man in love.

I have seen plenty of infatuated men.

But I’ve never seen a man in love and I’m beginning to think it’s all a hoax.

It would be so easy to keep this golden secret hidden from women because no matter who they are, they cling desperately to this idea that the man they found is different. That he really loves them.

But I don’t think men are capable of love.

Maybe love for their families.

Maybe love for their friends.

Maybe even love for a girl based solely on who she is that has nothing to do with her looks.

But I don’t think men are capable of the kind of love that women want from them.

I have never heard a man say “I’m in love with you,” but I have heard them grossly giggle “I love you,” as though he and this girl are sharing something nobody else can understand.

Except I think I am beginning to understand.

He does love her.

But she’s in love with him.

She wants him to choose her.

She wants to be the only girl he ever gets off to.

She wants his love for her to take over his bodily lusts and his innermost being at the same time.

But I don’t think he can.

It’s not how he’s wired, sister.

He might be really fond of you, don’t get me wrong.

But he can’t love you like you want him too.

It’s not his fault.

He is a man.

As soon as his ego inflates after having you for a while, he will be gone.

Maybe not in body but in spirit.

But I guess this is supposed to be a secret.