Day 1! A Challenge to self

I am challenging myself to write a minimum of three hundred words every day for the next twenty one days. It’s a challenge I look forward to and one I will strive every day to keep faith with.

Looking back at the past nine months of the 2016th year since the death of Christ, I have discovered I have not being consistent with my writing. As someone who plans to have his first book published within the next few years, this is a major flaw.

The difference in being a one-time hit and being a success (factors like talent, timing and opportunity being duly considered) lies in consistency. It is inherent that without a roadmap or any sort of guide, any play at consistency can be considered folly.

The reason for this seems to be a quest for writing that “perfect” post, publishing that inspiring article. These are worthy causes in their own right but I have discovered it is coming at a cost. That cost is my writing.

I find myself haggling, bargaining with my thoughts on whether an idea is worth pursuing before I even put figurative pen to paper. I always want my next piece to be better than my last, so inadvertently, my write-ups are like ships and my previous pieces are anchors firmly moored on my memory quay.

However, I have resolved to put such thoughts aside and just write.

The question lies thus,

What will I write on?

The answer is anything and everything.

How the sun made me feel on a Wednesday morning.

A pleasant coffee experience at a café. 
 An old friend I ran into. 
 That pleasant conversation with a stranger.
 A song from my childhood and the nostalgia it brings.
 That article on history I’ve been meaning to write.

Again, the answer is anything and everything.

I wanted to write something inspiring but that would mean I would be writing for an audience and alas I am not. However, I am publishing this because human beings are paradoxes, full of contradictions, and I am an example of what it means to be human.