During the hours following our first update on the status of the AvaOne Finance audit conducted by Paladin, our team set to work on resolving all levels of irregularities with very constructive results.

AvaOne Finance’s development team managed to successfully solve all levels of irregularities found in the preliminary report.

We are currently waiting for paladin to approve the adjustments that our team has made. We will continue to provide updates on this entire process.

Preliminary resolutions of the report



The first drop of NFTs at AvaOne Finance will be explicitly for IFO participants. This NFT will honor the initial investors for their support during the early stages of AvaOne Finance’s life.

A very special attribute

Users who claim this NFT will have VIP access to AvaOne Finance’s farms during the first 24 hours which means that only holders (IFO participants) will be able to interact with the platform for a certain period of time before other users.

This is our way of giving something in return to IFO participants by granting them special access to the platform farms through this unique NFT.

Note: IFO participants can claim their NFT here



AvaOne Finance’s Smart Contracts are currently being audited by Paladin who offer high-quality audit services provided by a highly qualified team of auditors, white hat hackers, and blockchain protocol specialists. Paladin’s partners include Rugdoc, Avalanche, and ApeSwap.

The first results of this audit have reached the hands of the AvaOne team and have yielded quite positive results.

First results



AvaOne Finance

AvaOne Finance helps boosts your yield on #Avalanche with dual token staking, NFT amplification & perpetual buyback mechanism.