What’s Inside #WineWednesday: Maltol

Fall season means different things to different people, but there are seasonal staples like the leaves changing colors, sweater weather, and pumpkin spice lattes to name a few. But for some areas of the USA, fall season brings on the beloved fair season! The fair is a magical experience that combines sugar and roller coaster highs with spooky horror houses and battered and fried everything (Oreos, Twinkies, and cookie dough to name a few!)

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While Fall wouldn’t be the same without the leaf-laden paths, the fair certainly wouldn’t be the same without the naturally occurring molecule maltol. From the cotton candy and caramel fragrance to the products that are full of the molecule, maltol could simply just be called, “The Fair Molecule.”

Molecule Name: Maltol
Class: Pyranones
Smell: Cotton Candy/ Caramel
Color: White Powder

Uses: Maltol is most frequently used as a fragrance additive to give off the delicious scent of sugary seasonal treats. It’s an enhancer to caramel, cola, brown sugar and molasses. You’ll find it in every season, but especially in the fall as you enjoy your pumpkin pie, root beer floats, and even the graham crackers surrounding your perfectly roasted marshmallow.

Where it’s found in nature: Maltol is found in places you might never think to look for the cotton candy smelling molecule. From the bark of larch trees to pine needles, who knew cotton candy smells were natural to forests! It’s also found in roasted malt, chicory, raspberry, strawberry, buckwheat honey, cocoa and more.

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Product Uses: Because of it’s irresistible smell, maltol is used in fair staples like baked good, beverages, and ice cream. It’s also found in homemade favorites like jams, jellies, and hard candies. It’s found in your chewing gum and adult beverages like Brandy. Cheers to that!