New and Old Habits

It’s been awhile…

So much has happened but I’m back and ready to start blogging once again, though this time I don’t promise any more than what I’m writing.I wrote back in January hoping to continue blogging again, but as life and midterms started piling up blogging was put on the back burner quickly. Right now I’m on a train to Portland, land of the hipsters, hopefully they can handle my “unironic” nerdy t-shirts.

But let’s back up I’ll explain why I’m going to Portland but it has been six months so it’s tell you what I learned today (cue veggietales music).

Over the past 6 months I have

  • Continued with the Bible Project Reading Plan and am thoroughly enjoying it. I am now on Proverbs :D
  • Finished a program called Freedom Session, which I will discuss later but in brief has made me new in Christ
  • Finished all my spring courses (and got an A in one) and will start again in the fall, which means
  • That’s right folks I get the summer off for the first time in 5 semesters! YESSSS :D
  • I got a new job
  • I took ASL classes at my local community centre so I am now somewhat (albeit badly) conversant in sign language

Life feels so different now and has been very busy, but I am looking forward to taking this trip, having fun and reflecting on the past year. As opposed to the last trip that was documented on this blog I am in a way better position to travel. It helps that I have no school (I am once again very happy about this fact) and that I took Freedom Session. This trip interestingly enough is my first “adult” trip I am paying for it all and I’m going on my own. But I can afford it with the jobs God has given for me. Initially I was just going to go June 6–10, but I actually got a rare Sunday off and was able to extend my trip and even save a little on the train ride down (though not the Airbnb).

Whoa train ride?! Airbnb?!! Yes I’m doing both, I have never used a train as my round trip transport (usually airplane, occasionally car). And for the first time ever I’m using Airbnb, oh and did I mention I won’t have a car because legal reasons? This is going to be an adventure…

It’s a beautiful train ride down to Portland, albeit we’re an hour late because of technical difficulties. But it’s worth it as this picture below will show you

Unfortunately because of technical difficulties I end up instead of bussing having to take an uber to my Airbnb to drop off my luggage and then another Uber to OSMI to see zootopia which I had already bought tickets to see. Note to self: unless 100% sure tickets will sell out, do not buy tickets in advance unless you know where to get where your going. I do love the experience I had with my uber drivers but it isn’t inexpensive. I had planned to only use Uber once for getting groceries to the Airbnb. Talking about all this stuff though makes me feel super weird though, I never imagined I would let total strangers drive me and stay with a total stranger. To be fair taxis are total strangers, but it still feels different.

After zootopia (FYI my opinion is that it is a definite culture piece, with beautiful animation) I try to transit home, I end up kind of lost because no wifi/data. But with google maps preloaded on my phone I end up close to my Airbnb. And stop for a very late dinner at a Thai place near by to recalibrate. At this point I haven’t eaten since 11:30am and it’s almost nine. I’m going to admit it, being without your parents and travelling on your own is hella scary. I know that had I not gone to freedom session I would’ve had several panic attacks by now and just stuck somewhere. I don’t think I could’ve done this trip without God using Freedom Session in my life.

I’ve written parts of this blog throughout my trip but I’m finally at the Airbnb. I feel like through this trip God will and has already taught me so much, being grateful, patience and trusting Him to name a few.

Watch this space for more updates. Peace from the Land of the Hipsters (seriously this place is weird).

A vegan bakery that’s close to where I’m staying… You can’t make this stuff up folks
Only in America
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