The Days Before Comic Con

(I literally posted the last blog right before leaving for the airport and wrote this while in various stages to the hotel).

I still feel the same way I did in my last blog, but still I’m so excited to go to Comic Con! Over 130,000 people attend, and that’s just those with official badges, not to mention those who attend simultaneous cons and events.


Paying attention in class before heading to the flight was near impossible. Oh and apparently I have another quiz to worry about *sigh*.

The trip to the airport and the flight there was okay. Just as I was about to board the plane a new Hello Internet podcast appeared. In the community of those who listen to this podcast, it’s special if you listen to it while on a plane. This is because they sometimes have a segment called “Plane Crash Corner” so irony I guess? Good thing I’m not scared of flying.

We arrived in LAX in one piece, but because Comic Con is in San Diego we took a rental car and a long 2 hour plus drive to the hotel. The scenery was what you imagine California being; big American buildings, chains and flags. Palm trees and desert hills, the temperature being a surprisingly cold 21 degrees Celsius. With my hometown being a hot 36 degrees a few days ago it seems the two cities have switched their weather patterns.

After briefly checking into the hotel my family and I went to a triple D diner for a late dinner. Oof, one thing you cannot say about Americans their food is neither small nor bland. So stuffed! Triple D never fails in it’s recommendations. I had crab cake eggs benedict.


We got to sleep in so we had a brunch at another Triple D restaurant, this time I had chicken and waffles. Today was mostly filled with lots of errands and shopping, a ton of prep is required to have a decent experience at Comic Con and this is only our first time. Who knows how much prep we’re missing out on simply because we don’t know what it’s like. During the day we also got our badges, which was fairly exciting

First Comic Con line up, probably the quickest line up I’ll ever have here

One thing that has really struck me out of this experience so far is that is that is both weird and amazing to be part of Comic Con. Any hotel within 100 km radius of the SDCC is booked full with convention nerds. To know that every single person around me in the hotel and at the convention are a) nerds and b) therefore I am surrounded by like minded strangers. Definitely strange, but great.

At the end of the evening we walked around the convention center, it was amazing to see and we even got to go inside the convention center despite not having an official badge for that night. Here are some pictures.

The Convention Center, as big, as daunting and as busy as it looks.
Inside the convention center and muppets! Hoping to see the panel for that.

I apologize for so little Comic Con related stuff, we didn't get tickets for Wednesday night so we won’t be experiencing the con till Thursday. Once Thursday rolls around I promise there will be all the Comic Con you can get. Probably way too much :P

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