All philosophy starts with bunch of questions. What’s more philosophical than the human march toward us all becoming computers?

I had the chance to chat with Guillaume Sasdy the other day about the optics of XR.

It’s pretty interesting to see the commonalities and differences or what we’re converging and diverging on in the industry as we figure out what immersive computing means — and what we want it to mean.

Interview with Avaer Kazmer

1) What would be the ideal of immersive computing? In 1 year, in 3 years, in 10 years

1 year: we start to see immersive computing not just as a novelty or a game, but a replacement for a few niches.

MR gaming will take shape as…

I joined in on the crypto craze at about the time developers started to clue in on the idea that their GPUs could be repurposed for hashing.

Which, I know, in crypto time, is an eternity ago. But I actually consider myself one of the late adopters. I wasn’t the one pushing the ideas or the software.

But it was a really exciting time to be a part of the community. Many of us spent long nights imagining how we would transform the meaning of value, the meaning of work, maybe even the meaning of democracy with a new kind…

Javascript is the future.

Declarative DOM is the right way build UI.

Browsers can do everything.

Native is out.

These are some of the things that get assumed whenever I say the web will win.

The web will win, and none of these are true.

When I talk about the web, I don’t mean the current smorgasbord of technologies that fall under the Wikipedia article.

What is the web?

Originally, the web was developed as a way to feed collaborative documents through the internet. This seems simple and obvious, but it’s kind of profound.

Early web documents did not involve any programs running on…

Many properties of startup work can be derived from realizing that what you theorize about your business — in the absence of data — is wrong.

Here’s why:

If your startup idea is so obviously right, why didn’t it already exist?

The worst answer to this question is that you’re really smart, and will do a better job. Hopefully you are and will. But it’s still a terrible reason because the right smartness in the wrong time and place goes nowhere. And lady luck is against you.

Geocentrism was punished for millennia before it was accepted. As a seminal idea…

I grew up in a split home. Custody with my mom and weekends with my dad. The main thing I remember from those weekends is Sunday night drives across the city with my dad.

This is when he would drop his guard, and spew one-liners that sounded ridiculous to a kid. Here’s one that popped into my head recently:

You’re finally beginning to understand the meaning of “free”

I don’t remember what I said. Let’s assume I asked who made the “free” toys included with Burger King Whoppers.

But what my dad said sounded absurd.

I obviously know what “free”…

Avaer Kazmer

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