The trend of putting up wall highlighter

When you build a house, you always strive to make it look beautiful from both outside and inside. The inner beauty of the house is expressed in the interior designing of the house. If you talk about the interior designing of the walls and the floors, it is not very difficult to figure out that the beauty of these surfaces lies in the tiling. The more perfect the tiling would be, the more beautiful it would look. You can completely change the look of any room by changing the tiling. Similarly, if you do not tile your floors and walls symmetrically, your rooms might end up looking shabby. This is the reason why tiling should be done with utmost care.

In the last few years, a new trend in tiling has come up. It is none other than the use of highlighter tiles on a tiled surface. A highlighter tile is one which looks different from the regular tile you use on your walls and floors and are used to highlight a surface. The use of highlighter tile can give a very appealing look to an ordinary looking wall or floor. Today, highlighter tiles are available in wide range of design varieties. You can look for the most unique looking design in your highlighter tiles. However, we would advise you to select a design which strikes a balance between breaking the monotony of an ordinarily tiled wall and blending with the background surface in a smooth manner. There are a few surfaces in a house where highlighter tiles look very good. Here are four such surfaces.

  1. Kitchen walls
    The use of wall highlighter is very common in kitchens. Usually, people put highlighter tiles on the area which is more vulnerable to come in contact with water.
  2. Living room floor
    The use of highlighter tiles on the living room floor may look very stunning. It is always advised to take the consultancy service of a professional interior designer while tiling of one’s house. One should be very careful while selecting highlighter tiles for the living room floor. Any mismatch might ruin all your efforts.
  3. Shower area
    Highlighter tiles in the bathroom is also quite common. We would advise you to put highlighter tiles in the shower area. This would make the look of the bathroom perfect.
  4. Staircases
    Nowadays, the trend of putting highlighter walls on the staircases is catching up rapidly. You can use different patterns of highlighter tiles on the stairs. You can also use highlighter tiles according to any particular theme.

You can put up highlighter tiles on any surface you want. At the same time, you should remember that you should be using a matching grout to bring out the contrast between the common tiles and the highlighter tiles.

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