Dead End or a Fresh Start

Being a Journalist is a very tough job, you need to continuously keep on finding new things to keep people interested in your journal. So, for the month of February journal I have decided to find out truth behind several stories that existed about “Dead End”. There was a Dead end sign in my city which had many stories about people being vanish from there and with no time that land became barren of any live creature. It’s said that only ghost resides there, but I firmly believe that ghosts don’t exist in today’s world, so this myth never stopped me. One day, I decided to visit that place, as I entered that area, it was silent, only wind sound can be heard as I started moving forward I heard hauls of owls and foxes, but I knew I was safe as there exist no animals in this side of city. As I moved forward I saw a person dressed all in white he seemed dangerous but yet he was handsome. I tried to approach him but no sound came out, I tried it once more but still same. That person asked me “Who are you and what are you doing here?” But since my voice was lost I could not answer him. Next day, the same continued. So finally, on the third day I decided to take a black board and a chalk with pre written answers and my questions. Before he could ask me anything I showed him the board “Hi I am Anika and I am here for a story. Who are you and what are you doing here? Why are you all dressed in white?” Looking at the board, he seemed shocked, I felt as if I am playing some game with the person and I won one point against him. And then his shocked expression changed to smirk and then to laugh, his laugh was like melody to my ears “Why should I answer your questions?” “Because I answered your questions” and I found my voice back. Hearing my voice his expressions changed from shock to realization, to reality, to amusement, to smirk and to smile. “You seem very interesting person, and to answer your questions. Hi I am Vivan, and I stay here since long and I am dressed in white because white is color code for ghosts” hearing his last line stroked something in my mind and I started laughing “Did you just said ghost?” Hearing me he started moving towards me, with his each step my heart started beating fast, it felt as it will soon pounce out from my body. “Yes dear, you heard me right, I am a ghost, and do you want me to prove that to you?” Saying this he started flying from one tree to another but all his action just perked my interest in him. I was not afraidof him instead had genuine interest in knowing him. Over the time my visit to Dead end increased, we started sharing things about us, started accepting each other the way we are, I even started liking him, it felt as if it was a start of something new in my life. One day I decided to confess my feelings to him but that day he seemed too sad, I asked him the reason, he told me the reason why he was here which he never shared with me even when I asked him so many times before. “Today is the day I lost my love, the sign Dead end don’t just mark end of the city it also marked end of my love. It was back many years ago, here at this place existed a beautiful village and I loved a girl name Rhea who stayed in this village. It was Love at first sight, she was very pretty and I was lucky that she reciprocated the same feelings for me. But our love was never accepted by our parents, so we decided that we would marry without anyone noticing and start our new life in some other city. It was our wedding day when a war was announced between states, Rhea was unaware about it and on her way to church, her car was attacked and here at this place she was last seen, since it was curfew time I was not allowed to come here and I never got chance to see her, to held her one last time. Once everything was over, I came in search of my love, I got to know about the incident and that she was last seen at this place, I don’t know where she was, was she alive or dead. I spent my entire life in search of her, so that I can go to her and talk to her, tell her I am so sorry that I was not there for her when she wanted me the most. It was because of me that I Lost here. And because of the war, the place beyond this was fully barren and it was marked as Dead end”. Hearing his story I was all in tears. But even after hearing his story I decided to confess my love for him, because it was now or never. “Vivan I wish to confess something, I don’t want that I lose the love of my life. Your story had very sad ending but it just proved one thing that you never know when it’s your end. I truly love you and do you wish to start a new path from this Dead end with me?” “Anika you know that I still miss Rhea, you are human and I am a ghost, it’s not possible for us to be together forever” “I am not saying you to forget her, I just want you to accept me. I found a caring friend in you with whom I can share everything including my life. Love don’t see color, caste or reality. You being Ghost does not change the reality that I love You, I know you still miss her but I even know you like me, I know the world would never understand our love but we don’t need to prove anything to anyone out there, it’s our love which is made only for you and me, I love you till my heart beats and even beyond it”

“I love you too” hearing that I thought my heart will stop but it just started beating like I got a new life. Dead End are only meant for Roads because for life Every Dead End marks A New Beginning.