What is Wellbeing

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According to the NHS, good Wellbeing includes feelings of satisfaction, self-esteem, engagement with the world, optimism and a sense of belonging. While this is all lovely in theory, it’s natural and human to be overwhelmed by a difficult situation. It’s also natural to respond to something positive, like unexpected praise with feelings of happiness.

Taking care of our mental wellbeing can help us to handle life’s hurdles and disappointments while helping us to enjoy the positive experiences we have. When we experience low periods of wellbeing for extended periods of time, our chance of developing a mental health problem increases. Low wellbeing can be triggered by a range of external life events and can also be down to individual temperament. There are however, some things we can do to increase good Wellbeing and they have proven benefits for our lives.

Good Wellbeing helps us to achieve our goals

Birmingham is at a period of rapid growth and exciting change. We’d like to help the citizens of Birmingham grow with the city — but why do that through Wellbeing? Well, Wellbeing is directly linked to how we actualise our dreams. The positive emotions I mentioned earlier have the potential to fiercely motivate us. Research on this kind of cycle suggests that the following happens:

  • We actively try to enhance our Subjective Wellbeing
  • Then we are motivated to reach our goals because we feel more confident
  • We reach our goals
  • Then we feel good about reaching our goals, so our subjective wellbeing is increased (and the cycle continues)

The Five Steps to Wellbeing:

These are the five golden rules that will help to improve Wellbeing:

  1. Connect with people around you — Try smiling at the next person you bump into at the Bullring.
  2. Be active — This doesn’t mean you have to train for a marathon. Just walking an extra little bit is fine. It’s important you do what is right for your own fitness level.
  3. Learn new things — Never learnt how to crochet? Research shows that learning a new skill boosts our confidence and good feelings about life.
  4. Give to others — From volunteering time to exchanging nice words with a stranger; everything to do with giving to others improves wellbeing and social networks.
  5. Be Present — Being aware of the world around can help you to relate to the world more positively… but people watching doesn’t count!

We’ll be looking more at tips on how to delve further into each of the steps outlined above in the most cost effective ways. Keep your eyes on the blog for more on each of the individual five steps towards wellbeing.