Adopt Vastu Shastra and Bring Harmony in Your Life

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science involving practices of harmony, peace, and prosperous living through elimination of negative energies and simultaneously boosting positive energies around us. Knowing the basics of this esoteric science and following tips at home and office can be a life changing experience. According to this science, things around us have a specific type of energy that directly or indirectly affect our life. Altering these according to Vastu can improve one’s life and eliminate problems.

Vastu Shastra is one of the most ancient and valuable treasures existing in the Indian culture. Involving the art of balancing different kind of energies with the help of interior decoration within a structure (residential and commercial) Vastu Shastra has become a rage among people these days. Most people get their house and office planned according to Vastu prior to building it, while some try to embellish or renovate these buildings as per the rules of science. A good vastu consultant in India will always offer this service to help new and old home owners and will be able to provide solutions to them in order to boost positivity and eliminate negativity.

Basic Principle of Vastu

There are some basic principles of Vastu that helps in bringing harmony and happiness into the life of those who adopt this philosophy. These principles help in designing the architecture of the house such that the

Five Elements of Vastu

According to a renowned Vastu consultant, there are five basic elements of Vastu that need to be balanced in order to bring in prosperity and abundance into the life. These are as mentioned below

Air: This north-western element governs how the doors and windows of the house should be placed to make sure maximum air comes into the house.
Water: Again north-eastern element, this defines the flow of energy into the house through water bodies like swimming pool, aquarium etc.

Fire: This south-eastern element basically defines the positioning of kitchen in the house.

Space: This is a center element and to maximize energy from this element, there should be an open space in the center of the house.

Earth: This south-western element is basically responsible for maximizing energy through shape, size and design of the house or plot.

How does Vastu Bring in Harmony?

It is said that naturally all the five above mentioned elements are in harmony and balance but when a structure is made, it disturbs the flow of energy from these elements causing an imbalance. According to a renowned Vastu consultant in India, just like yoga, Vastu, helps in aligning these five elements to bring in positivity and prosperity. By using Vastu elements, one can balance these five elements of the house bringing back the required balance in the flow of energy.

How does Vastu help?

Some of the benefits of practicing this science and adopting it in daily life under the guidance of a vastu consultant include good health, prosperity, comfort, harmony, convenience and fulfillment.

How to bring in harmony using Vastu?

Harmony in life is one of the major aims of an individual to obtain at work and living space. Harmony in a building using Vastu Shastra can be easily achieved via focusing attention on placement of various items, proper ventilation, color, design of a room, material used and many more such factors. Experts and honest astrologer believe that one can also enjoy good number of psychological benefits via adopting Vastu.

Additionally, Vastu Shastra is known to boost spiritual side of an individual. Since it is originated from ancient sacred text, great inner satisfaction can be achieved by the one integrating it into their life. Vastu elements can be embedded successfully into various rooms of your home including living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and more. This makes your home a better and happier place to live in. Seeking help from an experienced and skilled honest astrologer professional is important to gain maximum benefits from this science.

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