With all due respect, you are peddling fiction.
Anthony Boutros

Clinton was not 15, when she was a Goldwater girl. Clinton herself talked of being in college, and wearing the banner proudly, as well as being President of the young Republicans club on (college) campus.

Hillary represented Thomas Alfred Taylor, a known pedophile, for the rape of a 12 year old girl, when she was 27 and living in Arkansas, and got a not guilty verdict in his case. Then laughed about it in an interview going so far as to say she knew he was guilty.

Clinton has voted for every war that has been voted on during the 12 years she served in public office.

Clinton has supported NAFTA, the Panamanian Trade Act, and the TPP. All trade agreements which have taken jobs out of America, and provided tax havens to the upper 2%.

And lastly, Clinton passed legislation for Remington to manufacture the AR-15 in 2012. This is the same semiautomatic weapon used in the Sandy Hook shooting in the same year.

Do some research that doesn’t include reading articles from the Washington Post, the WSJ or the NY Daily Times.

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