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First, let me say, excellent piece. Well written, well thought out. And there’s only one part I want to address.

The part I wish to address is the sentence I highlighted. I could never understand how the catholic church could believe that a man masturbating was somehow the murder of millions of people. Especially since they don’t view a woman who has a menstrual cycle isn’t doing the same.

I wasn’t raised in the catholic church, but I was raised in both the Baptist (southern and missionary) as well as the Methodist churches. I was a good little girl, an active member in the church, a deacon’s daughter, a youth advocate. I read the bible daily, studied religious texts, and questioned the elders when they misquoted the bible or took a verse out of context.

Needless to say this led to a lot of issues for my parents, myself and the leaders of the church. Issues that eventually led me away from the church and organized religion.

I still have a deep faith in God, Jesus and The Holy Ghost, but that faith is based on my continued studies of God, of Jesus, and of my personal prayer and meditation with my God.

Anyway I now digress and will begin to ramble, so I’ll again state good piece. Keep up the good work and I will continue to look forward to your next.