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“I was raised in Texas with MD & PhD ideologue parents who thought that working with LBJ would affect sensible change! At least LBJ was an unabashed crook/criminal, unlike most politicians who have front stooges. At least my Mother founded The League of Women Voters chapter in our Galveston area, so that speaks to “letting women outa the kitchen” as it were.”

I, too, grew up in Texas. San Antonio for a while, then the Dallas area. I was the child of school teacher mother, and construction worker father.

My father traveled a lot around the world with the company he worked for. So I was exposed to more cultures than living just in Texas provided me.

I saw many injustices around the world, and wondered how it could be possible. I grew up with the privilege of having been born in America, where there was a lot of work to do, but it seemed a little trivial compared to what I saw in other countries.

Such as in Nigeria, where women were, and still are, the property of men. A country were a woman could be publicly beaten, just for having “the wrong look” on her face, or for “walking too slow”.

“I know Trump is a double-dealer: but, we’re at a hapless juncture here, where a Businessman stuck inside a sea of politicians/lobbyists couldn’t hurt.”

But it could. Trump’s advocacy of not paying our foreign debts, could throw the world’s economy into a downward spiral. Bombing everybody who opposes us, could result in another WW.

Trump’s immigration policy of deporting immigrants would send tens of thousands female immigrants back to countries, such as Nigeria, where the over 18 women would be killed, and female children back to a country where they would be married off to men multiple times their age to be raped and killed by their highest bidder husbands.

And then his policy on women’s health is abominable, as well, sending progress for women back to the 1940s.

“And your thinking on immigration is definitely skewed: my lineage is Norwegian on my Dad’s side & Dutch on Mother’s side, and speaking of Scandinavia, look at the mess Sweden is now in by opening its’ doors, out of naivety & love, to the millions of Syrians, Iraqees, Palestinians, Middle Eastern refugees. Rape (of women, Alice) is rampant — in a country that had none to speak of.”

Rape, of women, is rampant here! But how do we combat rape? We tell the victims “don’t get raped”. Instead we should be telling the rapists NOT to rape!

It wasn’t until the 70s, that a husband could be prosecuted for raping his wife. Young women go to college today, and get raped by one of the college athletes, and when she reports it she’s treated like she’s the one to blame for it happening.

I can go out to a bar with a group of female friends for a night of fun. A man can choose to approach me, and when I say I’m not interested, I then have to endure him being persistent in garnering my phone number. I literally have to become rude and tell him to fuck off, only to be belittled as a lesbian dyke and man hater, before he leaves me alone. Worse yet, I may have to pretend to have a boyfriend to get him to leave me alone. And this doesn’t occur just at the bar either. It happens at work, the bus stop, in the grocery store, anywhere that a man sees a woman he chooses to pursue.

And I don’t see Trump advocating all immigrants from entering our country, only those who aren’t white. Canadians, British, Scottish, Welsh, Swedish, French, the list goes on, are all welcome. Do you think men in those countries don’t rape women?

As for those who are extremists, who choose to perform mass killings, let me remind you of a few american born, white males by the name of Timothy McVeigh, Charles Manson and Jim Jones to name only a few.

“Whether you or your mexican pals like Trump (or his freedom of speech advocates), they shouldn’t be assaulted, as they were, time & time again in California recently.”

I agree, no one should use violence to get their message across. However, Trump has on numerous occasions advocated that his supporters use violence to deal with protesters.

One of Trump’s supporters, a man by the name of McGraw, was arrested for assault the day after a Trump rally for sucker punching a protester who was already under police escort out of the building.

Trump told his supporters at another rally that he had heard there were protesters at the rally with tomatoes, and if any of his supporters saw someone with tomatoes to punch them, knock them out. That he would pay for any legal expenses incurred as a result.

Later he recanted saying he never said it.

As for Trump’s “freedom of speech”, hate speak is not protected under the freedom of speech act. It’s one thing to say the government is fucked up, compared to saying Bush is such a bad President he should be shot.

One attacks the problem, the other attacks the person.

“But then, neither you nor Daniel Jose (nor Riverrod) know squat about mexican culture. I spent time there, I grew up on its borders. If you think “whitey” over in the US is dominant, do a little research on the dominance practiced in Mexico. Not only on its denizens with less-than net worth, BUT — to the IMMIGRANTS fleeing Central American despots & torture chambers, who are raped defiled, locked up and/or dropped off on their neighbor’s hostile border when the “mexican glee-bastards” are done.”

And, as I stated, I grew up in San Antonio for a while as a kid. I also spent a year living in the Rio Grande Valley. My father was often called “gringo” by Mexicans living in Texas due to the fact that my father had a very dark tan (Roman heritage), with pitch black hair and blue eyes. Tell me again about the Mexican culture?

“But then, folks like Daniel Jose & his quasi-Mexicans have always been of the algorithm: “do as I say — not as I do”.”

Daniel has not been part of our discussion for a while, why drag him back into this?

And to generalize these 2 other people into a category of “do as I say…” is an assumption on your part. There’s an old saying that goes “what do you get when you assume? You make an ass out of u and me.”

“ To our little feud, Alice,”

I have no feud with you Stephen. I simply have argued points about your post that, to me, were nonsensical.

Before we tell others to “clean up” their proverbial backyard, we, as Americans, need to do it ourselves.

Let’s put responsibility where responsibility belongs. If a man rapes a woman, or molests a child, give him more than a slap on the hand. Meaning give him a substantial jail sentence, instead of 3 years with him being out in less than 18 months. And if he is a repeat offender, cut his dick off, and throw his ass back in jail, then throw the key away.

If a man kills another person, lock him, or her, up like Hannibal Lecter.

If a person steals, chop a finger off on first offense, the hand on second offense.

If a person assaults another, beat them publicly. After being beaten a few times their behavior would change.

“so, Stephen’s “white flag” goes up, Alice Anne! You WIN, Scotch-Gal!”

I don’t desire white flags, Stephen. I only desire to challenge ones thinking, which it seems you have done during our exchange.

“And I’m certain you’re one Helluva tough Scottie Lass, you are…and, I’m ALSO SURE I’d never wanna tangle with you on a quasi-bad day!”

Lol. Now you sound like my father. :-)

Since you included personal information in this comment/reply, I won’t give it a recommendation, as I don’t believe it was meant for the world (or at least those who follow me) to have.

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