I really don’t think I need to.
Seth Swanson

Okay, first point. I did not think Sanders would be a knight in shining armor and rescue America. Nor have I heard any other Sanders supporters even remotely hint that they viewed him this way either.

My support for Sanders was based on trustworthiness. I trusted that Sanders would work on better healthcare, better wages for the middle class, and better education. Sanders, to me, in all my research, has an appearance of not being corrupted by big money. I cannot say the save for Clinton.

Second point, what I hear in your trying to convince me that Hillary is the next step, or better to serve as president, is that she isn’t Trump and will get at least one thing done during four years instead of pushing to get more accomplished, and she has more experience in getting things done than Sanders.

Still doesn’t convince me. Hillary has less experience than Sanders, since he’s been in congress for 30+ years, worked on many bipartisan amendments (over 300, earning his the title of the amendment king), he fight for civil rights, women’s rights, healthcare, LGBT rights, and the list goes on, that Clinton didn’t take up until years later (some of which she only adopted right before the debates began).

Good try though.

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