-60 is an otherworldly hellscape not fit for man nor beast. I mean, how do people even not die?

We keep heaters full blast and don’t go out without proper layering of clothes. Lol.

I grew up in Texas, where temps easily reached into the upper 90s and lower 100s, from March through November. I remember going to school in shorts and tank tops. Of being able to look “cute” no matter where you were going.

Even our winters were not harsh. Temps might fall below freezing a total of two weeks (not consecutively) during the three months of winter. Mostly it would go into the low 40s, and if you lived in the southern portion of Texas maybe into the upper 50s, for “freezing” weather in Texas. Shoe choices could still be anything you want to wear, from high heels to sandals.

I moved to Albany, New York in 2012, with my boyfriend. I learned quickly that when winter here hits, it begins in October with the daily high temps in the 50s. Mid-November temperatures are in the low 40s for a high, and by December through February/Mid-March you’re lucky to see temperatures in the 30s.

You dress accordingly. For me, as a woman, that means bra and pantries, thermal pants and top, 2 tee shirts, pants liner, pants, top, jacket and coat. If wearing a dress, it meant the same but instead of the thermals, pants liner and two tee shirts, it meant slip, leggings (because pantyhose are not enough), and camisole. And shoe choices are fleece lined knee boots no matter what you’re wearing. (Wearing dresses during winter is inadvisable for most days.)

You bundle, bundle, bundle. Being “cute”, or “looking cute” is not an option when the temperatures reach -5° with wind chills of -20°, and there’s 3 feet of snow outside.

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