And the snow came down…and down..and down.

While I was gone from Medium, the end of the world happened — well if you listened to the media. More appropriately, I was out shoveling snow for the past few days. We got about 29" in my neck of the woods but it felt like four to five feet when I was out there in it.

The view from my office window.

All told — I physically survived. We never lost power — that was the real miracle — and eventually, we have been able to leave the house before the real cabin fever set in.

Schools have been closed through tomorrow, but I am guessing that the entire week is shot since they have not even STARTED on the parking lots. Case in point —

So, the real “fun” is that we are supposed to have rain today with the requisite drop well below the freezing level — to turn it from snow into ice.

I will be working from home, the kids will be home from school, and I am still praying that we do not lose power at any point.