Climate Change — Reality or Politics??

This is something I saw on my Twitter feed today. Another proclamation that we have to save the world for our children from Obama and all of the climate change supporters.

I have a problem with this. They want to claim that the science is settled, but even the scientists do not seem to agree that this is a settled issue.

John Coleman, co-founder of the Weather Channel, referred to it as a myth — that the science was no longer credible. He was a meteorologist (now retired) — so he would understand the science behind climate change. That was his job. But for the climate change supporters — he is not a real “scientist.” According to the Washington Post

Coleman hasn’t published a single peer-reviewed paper pertaining to climate change science.

So, I went in search of “real” scientists.

From a 2011 post, it seems there is an estimated 40% of scientists who are skeptical of global man-made warming. (Wonder why they changed the term? It was global warming, then climate change, then climate disruption, and now back to climate change. The nomenclature does not even seem settled. But I digress.)

Because if this estimate is even remotely true, then the Obama Administration claim that 97% of climate scientists agree on the issue does not make the science settled — much less factual. Because their claim is contradicted by other claims that there is no consensus among scientists.

So, which is it? Is this an actual environmental issue? Or is this a political issue people like Obama used to get elected? Or are environmentalists just pushing their own agenda?

Because a peer-reviewed survey (since this seems to be about the science) found a consensus against climate change. Something seems terribly amiss here. Because if you do a little research on your own, you would find numerous sources — with support from “scientists” — about 2015 even being the hottest year on record.

So, contrary to the President, the science is NOT settled. The process for calculating the global temperatures is problematic at best. The information does not take into account all sources of reliable information which scientists would normally do when they are researching.

Then there was that whole time frame when climate change scientists were either falsifying data or intentionally misleading the public to seemingly push an environmental agenda.

So, are they melting? Or are they growing?

What do you think? (Source)
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