Clinton Speaking at AIPAC

I was working when I turned on the TV and it was on the news. They were airing Clinton’s speech to AIPAC live as she was delivered it.

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In true Clinton fashion, she lied directly to them. A couple of things jumped out at me before I had to take a break from her nonsense.

Free Speech

Clinton made an impassioned plea to the college students of Israel to continue to speak out for what they believe in — especially in places of learning. The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

She is for free speech — before she was against it.

Can’t be a liberal without being hypocritical.

Clinton, as Secretary of State, promised that Americans would be intimidated — through extra-legal means — if they were to speak their minds about Islam, Muslims, or the violence that has an ever-increasing frequency to follow them wherever they go.

But, hey — let’s not let a little thing like the guaranteed rights of Americans get in the way of pandering to a crowd.

It would be easy to dismiss this — but it is not her first attempt. Clinton has embraced reversing the Citizens United decision — an unpopular decision — through any means necessary including a constitutional amendment. The Supreme Court had ruled that people do not give up their rights simply because they formed a corporation. (I won’t even talk about the number of liberal billionaires trying to influence elections — George Soros is the most well known one.)

In order to limit the influence of a few people, Clinton is for limiting the rights of all people. Sorry but you cannot have your cake and eat it too.

But Jewish college students have that right — Americans not so much according to Hillary Clinton.

I could go on ad nauseum about it — see the demonization of anyone disputing climate change — but the reasonable among you have already gotten the point.

The Iran Deal

People need to realize that this deal does NOT stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. To quote Clinton — it puts a “lid” on their capability.

I wonder if she has even read the deal. Even more hilarious is her taking credit for a deal she was not even involved with. She had resigned so she could start running for President.

There are so many issues with the deal that it does not take a nuclear scientist to understand them.


  • Iran has 24 days to comply with an inspection request
  • Then it goes to a joint commission for a resolution if the request is denied or ignored.
  • If the commission does not resolve it, then it goes to the UN Security Council for resolution.

Under a Clinton Administration, what do you think the outcome of any issue will be? Obviously, the issue will be vetoed as the U.S. is one of the five countries with automatic veto power. The issue would immediately become an non-issue.

Should I even talk about the months it would take for this issue to get to the point of being considered at the UN level?

I would expect Israel to go in and destroy any nuclear reactor long before the Clinton would even get off her blackberry to have it put on her schedule.

Even if the deal was effectively enforced, it will never stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. It actually will make it easier for them to do so. Common sense needs to kick in here. To stop a country from obtaining nuclear weapons, they cannot have nuclear capability.

Iran can build up their nuclear capability — unfettered by the international interference — and shorten the time to a bomb to practically zero in no short order.

So Hillary — is that what you mean by taking it to the next level?

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