An Open Letter to Mitch McConnell
Kate Geiselman

The hilarity of memes — I will not refer to this as what the author called it — like this is that it is sour grapes. When we do it, it is a principled stand. When you do it, it is a dereliction of duty, it is your bloody job.

Grow up! I’m tired of the whining.

The Senate is supposed to give it’s advice and consent. There is NO WHERE in the Constitution that states a defined timeline. Deal with it. If the Senate waits for the next president, then the Senate waits for the next president.

Then once again — the racist meme is once again played in the comments I have read. I’m sick of people who have NO FREAKING CLUE as to what real racism is calling everything racist.

Obama is a liberal progressive. There are people who do not like liberal progressives cause they are liberal progressives. Again —

Time to grow up and stop the whining.

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