Why Can’t Someone Answer Simple Questions About Illegal Immigration?

It is one of those things you see a lot of during a campaign season. People of all sorts come out of the woodwork to tell you why they are voting for this person or for that person.

That is at least expected.

However, when you engage that person on the topic — well then it becomes an entirely different story. You tend to find out that the vast majority of Americans cannot go even an inch deep on most issues. All they can provide is the thirty second sound bite. Case in point —

Immigration Reform

This is once again a hot topic item. You have people who will refer to it as a humanitarian crisis as you can read here. Such heartfelt sounding platitudes as —

“It is made up of hard working immigrants…who…contribute to our society, yet their undocumented status allows others to exploit them…”

But this raises the first question — Why are they being exploited? Most liberals — and that author identifies herself as one — simply refuse to acknowledge the question or will go on the attack against the person with the temerity to ask such a simple question.

Others will speak about the broken immigration system. So one has to ask — exactly what is “broken” about it? Immigration should not be easy. An immigrant is leaving one country behind to go to another. Sometimes permanently.

But have you ever heard anyone actually provide a detailed answer…heck have you heard anyone actually provide an answer telling you what’s broken? Neither Clinton or Sanders — who are the ones more likely to use the phrase “broken immigration system” — have ever actually explained what is broken.

Me neither. Yet, an issue is raised about something that most people have no clue about because no one wants to actually explain why the problem exists so we can actually understand what needs to be done.

Instead, the situation only gets more convoluted because they do not answer that question. Another example —

“…Undocumented people…are willing to do back breaking jobs under no protection... no recourse…”

This another one of the descriptions that you hear a lot about when listening to politicians. But it also does not answer a rather simple question — Why would they be willing?Do these people not want to be treated fairly? Do they want to be exploited?

No, there is a word in these first two examples that liberals will not want to admit. Most reasonable people would have already identified it by now.


More questions. Why are they undocumented? What does that even mean? The standard liberal response will involve something about “living in the shadows” as they try their best to tap dance around the actual meaning.

Doesn’t it seem wrong if you have to jump a barbed wire fence? (Source)

In all of their attempts to get around the real issue, they will never flat out tell you that they are ILLEGAL immigrants. Amazing, isn’t it? All of these dramatic presentations and statements on behalf of criminals.

Yes, it is a crime to enter the United States without following the proper process. Here is one reference to actual law — 8 U.S.C. § 1325 : US Code — Section 1325: Improper entry by alien. I am not a lawyer but I found one source that says the punishment for illegally entering the United States is

“…six months of incarceration and up to $250 in civil penalties for each illegal entry.”

Then for the ones who started off here legally for a temporary amount of time — i.e. a visa — then overstayed. There is a punishment for that as well.

“…a violation of federal immigration law to remain in the country without legal authorization…Chief among these civil penalties is deportation…”

So, there are punishments on the books for this kind of activity, but the liberal wants to go out of the way not too enforce the laws and not to refer to them as illegal. They may even try to sound like a lawyer and say something like —

“…an illegal alien cannot be criminally charged or incarcerated simply for being undocumented.”

True, but they can be deported if they cannot provide legal justification for staying here. Wouldn’t they be here without legal authorization?

So, if they are a flat out criminal or have no legal authorization to be here (i.e. lawyer speak for a criminal — just not the same degree). Then why don’t we enforce the law? See if you can find a liberal who will answer a simple question about enforcing the actual laws we have. You may want to not waste your time. That’s the one question they will never answer about illegal immigration.

Instead, they will talk about —

“…a humanitarian crisis is growing in this country, a crisis that our 21st Century policy should be sophisticated enough to address.”

Before you attempt to address the “humanitarian crisis”, you should seek to address the legal crisis that our country has devolved into — one that does not even bother to enforce its own laws.

Is that the kind of country you want your children to grow up in?