Why Do I Write?

I Write Therefore I Am

I was perusing several of the posts here on Medium and a few were talking about why they write, their New Year’s resolution to write more, and so forth. All of this prompted me to think about why I write?

To write or not to write, that is the question? (Source)

I have written for multiple sites where I received high visibility. (One piece I wrote had over 10K Facebook likes, tweeted hundreds of times, shared via email, and so on.) I have even been paid for things I have written. But in those cases, I was never able to maintain the schedule of writing those sites were wanting from me.

But I always come back to writing — this post is after I had stopped writing for almost six months. I write to express myself, I write for me. That is something I have to keep in my mind every time I sit in front of my laptop with the jungle of thoughts in front of me. It needs to be about me — first and foremost. If you were to get something from what I write, that is a bonus.

My Voice

Everyone has a voice. Is yours being heard? (Source)

In this sea of social media, 24 hour news channels, and endless array of communication, there are people out there who probably think that what they think, feel, or say does not really matter. I guess I get to that point at times.

But I have a voice, I have things to say — and I should I say them whether or not people hear me. So, I write to share my perspective, my ideas, or my opinions.

Write to share with the world, simply because you can! (Source)


The first time I wrote anything online was when I became a member of this site. It’s tag line at the time I joined was — “Get Smarter Here” — and there were actual times I learned something. People on that site even acknowledge that I shared intelligent ideas which they sometimes agreed with and sometimes didn’t.

However, if you were to look at that site now. You would see an entirely different tint to it. It has degenerated into a virtual cesspool of vitriol, partisanship, and what has to amount to nothing more than the mean cliques of high school teenage drama that most reasonable adults block out when they starting reminiscing about that time in their life. It is most apparent when you noticed that its original tag line is not found on the site.

Learning take many different forms. (Source)

You would not get smarter because you cannot learn if the world ends at the tip of your nose. Learning does not actually mean you will change your mind. However, it requires the ability to look at a different perspective, listen to a different idea, and allow the opinions of others to be shared.

There are too many examples of people claiming they want to share ideas and develop solutions (especially in American politics), but when it’s time for the rubber to hit the road. They stick to their own ideas and go out of their to shut down any opposition by any means necessary. That is not learning; it is the first step on the road to anarchy.

So I write to learn — even though sometimes it may not seem like it.

Random Thoughts

Then there are some other things rambling through my head based on some of the posts I saw this morning on Medium.

  • Could I write a book? Should I?
  • Am I a poet? (Not likely but I never made a serious effort.)
  • People have told me that I am funny at times. I know I am sarcastic, but could I be a humorist, a satirist? Maybe if I put some thought to it.

I guess there are things for me to explore as I start down this path again. Where it ends up, I think I like not knowing for now.