The “Our Community, Our Responsibility” campaign supports brick and mortar businesses with cash donations.

ATLANTA — After making an impact in e-commerce, online marketplace WeBuyBlack.com has its sights set on supporting brick and mortar businesses with its “Our Community, Our Responsibility” campaign.

The “Our Community, Our Responsibility” campaign utilizes community support to provide one business grant to a Black-owned business each month. In addition to the monetary gift, a team of advisers will be available to provide the business owners with marketing tips, personal finance advice, and overall branding guidance.

WeBuyBlack.com is the world’s largest online platform selling products exclusively produced by Black-owned companies. With products for sale ranging from toothbrushes to tennis shoes, the site’s founder believes bolstering Black business is the best way to strengthen Black communities.

“Black Wall Street should be a local objective. It shouldn’t be a national aspiration,” WeBuyBlack.com founder Shareef Abdul-Malik said, referencing an aspiration of those in the Buy Black movement to create a centralized district of Black-owned businesses.

“This should be something easily achieved within 5 to 10 miles from our homes,” he continued. “I don’t want what we had 100 years ago. Instead I want for our people to create Black Wall Street in a different city every month for the next 100 years.”

The first business to benefit from this campaign was Supreme Burger Express in Conley, GA. On Saturday, Feb. 4th, 2017 at 10 am, WeBuyBlack.com participated in a “Black Business Ambush”, where members of the local community and WeBuyBlack supporters convened on the restaurant to present its owners with a check for $1000.

Donations to support the business grants are being accepted on WeBuyBlack.com/community and the site allows contributors to sign up for monthly donation subscriptions in any denomination.

Learn more about “Our Community, Our Responsiblity” here: https://webuyblack.com/community

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