You were on the committee that wrote ACA?
Rick Fischer

I don’t really understand your comment. The ACA is a market based program that relies entirely on private insurers to provide coverage. (Outside of Medicaid expansion)

Those are all right of center ideas. The only piece that would have made it actually left leaning was the public option, which didn’t end up in the bill.

I promise you that if the far left had written the ACA it would look a heck of a lot more like single payer.

The problem getting worse is demonstrably false:

  • More people have insurance than had it before
  • The rate of insurance price increase has slowed
  • Plans that people buy have to actually be worth the money paid
  • People who get sick can’t get kicked off of their insurance (recision)
  • Medical bankruptcy is down

By no means is it a perfect bill, but why not just improve on it?

Republicans had a chance to write any bill they wanted with no hearings over the last 7 years and did nothing. Seems like that’s because their opposition to the bill was cynical nonsense.

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