I Was Just Accosted By Security Men Who Were Told That I Robbed a Neighborhood Grocery Store…
Ezinne Ukoha

Ezinne Ukoha wrote, “The racial tension in this country has been my moral compass and I’ve adhered to the trials of women like Sandra Bland, Diamond Reynolds and Korryn Gaines with literary gusto? — ?because their stories need to be exalted for the record of the ones that need proof that our system is designed for our steep downfall.”

Hi, Ezinne.

Ms. Bland and Ms. Gaines were emotionally disturbed women who took their own lives.

Sandra’s video’s demonstrate she was about actively seeking peace and healing.

Korryn’s video’s depict a patently damaged woman who I’m sure Sandra would not be proud of, in that Korryn was nurturing a child to embrace the Thug lifestyle Sandra was attempting to stop.

Doctors Ross and Dietz offer insights into how our Early Childhood Development plays a key role in determining the type of individual we mature into.

Robert K. Ross, MD, President and CEO of The California Endowment, addressed inmates at Ironwood State Prison offering a compelling overview of the role that exposure to *Childhood Trauma* plays in the lives of *Emotionally Troubled* and chronically ill American teens and adults.

At 2:12:25 in this documentary about Mafia hit-man and victim of Early Childhood Trauma/Abuse, Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski, Dr. Park Dietz explains why young Richard most likely developed into a emotionally disturbed, paranoid, cruel, heartless teen and man who did not give a frig about anyone else, including his wife and kids.

Black Women, Suicide, Depression, Self Harm & Mental Health; PSA from Abiola Abrams


American *(Children’s)* Lives Matter; Take Pride In Parenting; End Our National Health Crisis; Child Abuse and Neglect; End Community Violence, Police Fear & Educator’s Frustrations

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