The only thing that matters.

You wake up, you roll out of bed. You get ready, you go to work.

You tell your mom you love your job. You tell your brother you’re happy.

You forget the only thing that matters.

See heres the thing: we spend a lot of time everyday doing shit that doesn’t give us more happiness.

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We fight for attention from our parents, our spouse or our boss. We hold other people back who get even close to figuring out the message of this post.

We get stuck. That kills me.

People are always trying to figure out what life is about. What they are supposed to do.

You are supposed to do whatever the hell makes you happy.

“The Truth is finding happiness in what you do everyday is imperative”
Gary Vaynerchuk

Today I challenge you. Whatever that thing is. That thing you think about maybe you could do, and then let all the other shit scare you. Just start it.

If it’s selling novelty spoons: Sell one spoon.

If it’s Travelling the world: Buy your ticket.

If it’s spending more time with your kid: Learn to play X-Box

Do what makes you happy. You owe it to yourself to do it. Despite what your spouse thinks of selling novelty spoons. Despite what your mom thinks about not going to university and travelling the world instead.

If you plan on living for other peoples thoughts, you will lose. You will never, ever find happiness. I’m sorry about that. But if you have to wait until your parents die, or your marriage falls apart to live your life: you willfully sacrifice the only thing that matters

If you are less than 100% happy with the way your life is, and can’t honestly say you are doing everything in your power to live the life that would make you happy. I am not sorry.

I plan to use Medium to spill random thoughts and not worry too much about planning or revision. Let me know what you think and share with your friends if they should know the only thing that matters.

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Have a happy day.


2018 update: Now I live in Tallinn, and write on my companies blog. I also write daily on Linkedin, and have my own site.