Bathroom Decorating on a Budget —

Bathroom Decorating on a Budget

Decorating bathrooms can be difficult in your apartment — especially since you can’t renovate your rental. New granite countertops, claw foot tubs and sparking backsplashes are not an option for you. But just because you aren’t able to completely gut your bathroom, doesn’t mean it can’t still be your own beautiful oasis. Here are a few tips to decorating your apartment bathroom:

● Incorporate a beautiful color scheme. Just because you can’t paint your bathroom walls your dream color doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate that special color into your bathroom. Add a dramatic shower curtain, bold hand towels and colorful artwork so you won’t even worry about your wall color. You could also invest in removable wallpaper and decals.

● Find soft, plush bathroom rugs. Since you can’t replace your tile or laminate flooring, cover it up with comfy carpet. Make sure to have it match your bathroom’s color scheme for a seamless look.

● Include mirrors in your space. Adding mirrors to any room, especially your bathroom, can make it appear larger. Not only will a mirror add more natural light, it will also liven up your space to make for an appealing design element.

● Add artwork. Incorporating a statement piece of art or an organized wall collage in your bathroom can help make your space a fashionable place to freshen up. This solution helps you personalize your space when you can’t make major changes.

● Deck out your bathroom. Candles, photo frames, trinkets and small plants can help you to make your space your own. This is a very budget-friendly way to liven up your bathroom.

● Get creative with storage solutions. Whether you invest in chic baskets, rustic ladders or vibrant bins, these items can be great accent pieces that tie the entire space together. They will also help with your bathroom organization.

Even though you are renting, you can still create beautiful personalized spaces. With these budget-friendly tips, you’ll be sure to have a stunning bathroom to pamper yourself in.