Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment Balcony —

Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment Balcony

When it comes to making your living space a home, sometimes the smallest touches are the ones that make the biggest difference, even if they are outside. Spacious yards and extravagant rooftop gardens aren’t usually an option for renters, but even your small balcony can be transformed into an inspiring outdoor space. Here are a few decorating ideas for your apartment balcony:

One of the easiest way to breathe new life into your balcony is by adding a pop of color with some vegetation. Hanging basket plants or railing planters can spruce up your space as well as basic potted plants. To make your balcony feel like a garden retreat, incorporate plants of different sizes and heights. This will draw your eyes upward to make your space seem more spacious. Beautiful greens mixed with budding flowers will keep your balcony looking alive and in a state of rejuvenation.

While reupholstering may seem like a big project, in small increments it can add just the right amount of freshness you’ve been looking for. Spend a weekend revamping your throw pillows or seat cushions so you can change them out when the seasons change. Being flexible with the fabrics of your outdoor furniture will allow you to constantly recreate your balcony without straining your wallet or putting too much stress on yourself.

If your apartment balcony is too small for standard outdoor furniture, you still have the opportunity to transform that outdoor area into an oasis. Old wooden crates with cushions on top act as perfecting seating options to soak up some sun. Just because your short on space doesn’t mean you can’t maximize what you have. Pick pieces with a small footprint to perfect your patio.

Lighting can be the final touch to tie a balcony design together. Whether you opt for classic white lights or decide to get more creative and venture into colorful ones, this solution will bring your balcony to life at night and give you the perfect ambiance to enjoy an evening sitting under the stars. The soft glow offers a perfect place to relax after a long day.

With these helpful tips, you’ll have a flawless retreat to come home to. Whether you use your balcony as an entertainment space or a sanctuary for you to unwind, these ideas will help you create a great outdoor place in your apartment.