DIY Apartment Garden Ideas —

DIY Apartment Garden Ideas

Apartment living usually comes with limited space both indoors and out. But don’t let this stop you from using your green thumb. With these helpful tips, you’ll be pleased to discover all of your gardening options that take up less space than you think. Here are a few apartment garden ideas:

1. Patio Pots

If you live in an apartment with access to a patio or rooftop, potted plants are a terrific gardening option. Vibrant pots and flowers can add a much needed pop of color. These flowers won’t need an abundance of water and will be easy to maintain in your small space.

2. Level Up

Hanging basket plants on your balcony (or in your apartment) are also a great way to add some green to your living space. Since this solution hangs vertically, it won’t take up any of your precious square footage. Having these plants hanging from your ceilings will also make your space appear larger by adding levels for your eyes to take in.

3. Box It In

Window boxes are a great place to plant flowers and herbs when you’re tight on space. Simple window boxes can be found at your local hardware store or can be built from home with some leftover lumber and nails. Paint your window boxes to match your décor for an extra flare.

4. Store Succulents

Succulents make for great plants when living in small spaces, like apartments and urban studios. These plants are very low maintenance, due to their ability to store water in their stems and leaves. Succulents require minimal water, but do require a decent amount of sunlight. This green solution offers you the opportunity to grow a miniature garden without all of the work and care that a more elaborate one requires.

5. Opt for Mason Jars

Herbs and small plants can thrive in small spaces. Using mason jars and your typical grade potting soil, plant your favorite garnishes. These jars can be stored inside, even on kitchen countertops, offering you fresh herbs to use for your favorite dishes.

Just because you live in close quarters, doesn’t mean your love of gardening must disappear. With these helpful garden tips, your green thumb will be able to thrive.

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