How to Maximize Space in Your New Apartment

Many apartments can be small, which means you need to maximize your space. Here are some small space solutions that will make the most of your square footage.

Make Every Piece Count

Invest in pieces of furniture that serve more than one function. Ottomans that open and offer extra storage compartments are great purchases for small spaces. Same with coffee tables, window benches and cabinets with extra drawers. All of these allow you to stow away items, while also serving as stylish home décor.

Bigger is Better

Your furniture should offer maximum functionality and take up minimum square footage. In a small space, you might be inclined to purchase small pieces. However, in most cases, multiple small furniture pieces end up taking more room and offer less functionality than one large piece.

Instead of buying a love seat and a chaise lounge, buy one large sofa. This larger piece of furniture will replace two or three smaller ones and will help the natural flow of the room.

Think Vertically

If you’re short on space, start thinking vertically. Often, wall space is left unutilized. Adding simple shelves to bare walls can create a lot of extra storage space in your apartment. And it works in any room.

Less is More

When it comes to home décor, it may be tempting to display all of your favorite photo frames and trinkets. However, it can leave your home looking busy and overcrowded. Limit your home decorations to a few main pieces that will give your space some breathing room.

Rug it Up

Adding an area rug in your living space can make any room feel larger. Whether you have wood floors, laminate or carpeting, an area rug in a lighter hue can open up any room. Any local home décor store will have a great selection of rugs, but check out local thrift stores for some more affordable finds.

Check out Pinterest.

For more ideas for your small space, head to Pinterest. With millions of ideas for home décor and storage solutions, you’ll be sure to find some good ideas for your small space. Not only will you get ideas, Pinterest will also allow you to save and organize your findings for later use.

With these tips, you’ll be able to maximize your space and make your apartment both highly stylish and practical.

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