Life Hacks for Living in Small Spaces

Living in an apartment is great, but sometimes, you’ll have to live in small quarters. Staying organized in your small space can seem hard, but we have a few creative tricks for you. Keep reading to find out how you make your apartment seem even bigger.

Utilize your walls

By going vertical and relying on empty wall space, you’ll find storage solutions that save you space. Installing simple shelves in the vertical space above your furniture makes a perfect spot for items that aren’t used on a daily basis — things like books, stationary and other household items. And shelves work in any room of your apartment.

Invest in mirrors

Large mirrors make for great décor additions to any space. Not only do they transform your space, they give the impression your apartment is even bigger. They can also provide more light. Any local décor store will have great mirrors, but search for some more affordable pieces at your local thrift store.

Combine living and dining

If your apartment is a little too tiny for a full dining room setup, consider merging your spaces together. By place a thin table behind your couch, you can create the perfect space to eat, work and hang out. Add comfy barstools to complete the look.

Invest in dual purpose furniture

Lots of furniture options not only provide the owner with comfort and style, but also offer storage opportunities. Ottomans that double as storage options are a good investment. As are night stands, coffee tables and benches that provide you with a few extra places to hide your clutter.

Clear your countertops

With mail, bills and other paperwork flooding your counters, it can make your apartment seem cramped. Install a mail organizer on the wall in your kitchen to keep all of your important documents straight. Not only will this help you stay organized, it will keep your counters clean and make your space look bigger.

With these helpful tips, your apartment will be looking spacious in no time.