The Worst Types of Roommates

Living with a roommate comes with a wide array of perks. More affordable rent, a permanent grocery shopping buddy and even a life-long friend. But with all of those perks can come a few horror stories. We’ve all heard about terrible roommates that have wreaked havoc. Here are some examples of the worst of the worst.

1. The Slob

If you’re rooming with “The Slob”, you probably haven’t been able to see your kitchen sink in a few weeks, and you swear something is starting to grow in the back of the fridge. To make matters worse, a slob’s bedroom looks like a wasteland. If “The Slob” is your roommate, make sure you stay as far away from their side of the apartment as possible.

2. The Robber

The robbing roommate is prone to having some sticky fingers. They can’t tell you where your favorite sweater is and they definitely can’t tell you how it ended up hanging in their closet. You have to sleep with one eye opened with this kind of roommate.

3. The I.O.U.

It never ceases to fail. You and your roommate are grocery shopping and when it comes time to enter the checkout line, they’ve miraculously forgotten their wallet. However, their basket full of groceries sits on the conveyor belt slowing inching toward the cashier. Just add it to the laundry list of I.O.U.’s they’ve given you.

4. The Clinger

One of the worst roommates you can have is “The Clinger”. There’s no need for them to hang out with their own friends when they have you and your friends. “The Clinger” struggles with boundaries and doesn’t understand when to leave you alone.

5. The Party Person

It doesn’t matter if it’s a weeknight or a weekend morning, this roommate is constantly in a party state of mind. You can always count on them to have music blaring and an excessive number of people in your apartment.

We hope you never have to deal with these kinds of difficult roommates. In order to keep from having a bad roommate, conduct interviews and check references beforehand so you understand what you might be getting into.

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