Tips for Managing Pets in Your Apartment

Having a pet is one of the greatest ways to turn your living space into a home. Furry friends can be wonderful companions and add an extra sense of happiness to your day. However, having a pet in a small apartment can be difficult. Here are a few tips for managing pets in your apartment:

  1. You’ll have to pet-proof your apartment. This includes making sure your pet doesn’t have access to hazardous cleaners, dangerous wires and any other unsafe spaces. Spray “no chew” spray on furniture and tables and cover wooden floors with area rugs to avoid constant clicking of animal nails. It will also be important to have pet gates to stop your dog or cat from getting into certain spaces. But remember, don’t confine your pet too much since an apartment doesn’t offer a lot of square footage to begin with.
  2. Prepare for apartment training. Training your pet can present a few challenges when you are residing in an apartment, especially if you are in a high rise. Pets have to be taken outside frequently when training, meaning frequent trips to the stairwell and elevator. It can be smart to invest in indoor patches of grass, such as the PetAPotty, to help train your furry friend.
  3. Bathe your pet regularly. This is often overlooked by pet owners. It doesn’t take long for pet odors to spread across a tiny apartment. Not only will these frequent cleanings be beneficial for your pet, but it will keep your apartment smelling fresh and clean.
  4. Designate a spot for your pet. Whether it’s a corner, under a desk or a special spot in the bedroom, it’s important to have a space for your four-legged friend. A pet bed with his or her favorite toys is a good idea. Everyone needs their own space in their home, even our pets!
  5. Give your pet attention every day. It’s important to take your pet outside several times a day to stretch their legs and go for a walk. This is where living in a yard-free space can benefit you. When you live in an apartment, your pet is a great excuse to go outside, visit local dog parks and explore your surroundings.

Having a pet is great when you live in an apartment. These canine and feline friends make for great roommates. With these helpful tips, you’ll be sure to keep them content in your space.

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