Tools to Help You Change All Your Contact Information After a Move —

Tools to Help You Change All Your Contact Information After a Move

When moving to a new place, it can be stressful for a number of reasons. Not only are you uprooting your life, but you also have to worry about notifying everyone about your relocation. Here are a few tools to help you change all your contact information after a move:

  1. You’ll want to update your mailing address with the United States Postal Service. This can be done on the Official Postal Service Change of Address website or in person at your local USPS office.
  2. It’s very important to change you billing address. Make a list of every bill you receive and be sure to contact each company with your forwarding address. More often than not, this update can be made online. Should you have any questions, you’ll want to contact the companies directly to avoid complications later on.
  3. Contact your bank and let them know about the move. If you have an online banking account, you can update your address with ease. If not, or if you’d like to confirm your updated address, you can visit your bank in person or call the help line.
  4. Order a new driver’s license or state identification card. In most states, you have 30 days after moving to update your ID before being fined. You should be able to order a new ID card online. If not, you’ll need to visit the local DMV and make the change.
  5. Be sure to tell people. This not only applies to friends and family, but your doctor, dentist, orthodontist, veterinarian and so on. This is an important one.
  6. Update all of your subscriptions and memberships. This includes places like church, magazine companies, local associations you belong to and wholesale clubs you shop at.

As you can see, there are a lot of people to update about your new whereabouts. Be sure to make a list to keep track of all these notifications.

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