Working from Home? Turn Your Apartment into a New Office

Having a home office in your apartment would be a dream come true. However, you might be worried you don’t have enough space for a functional work space. Don’t worry. You can create the perfect work-centric space inside your apartment, no matter how big or small it is. Here are the main elements you need to carve out your dedicated work space:

1. A flat, clean surface

The major component of any office is a space to complete your work. A solid surface free of clutter and secluded from distractions is the first essential element of your home office. Whether this takes shape in a separate room, a small table in the corner or even your dining room table, make sure you have enough room to place your computer and papers.

2. A comfy chair

It may seem silly, but a comfy chair that you are willing to sit in for extended periods of time is a must. Even if you have to pull a chair from a different area of the house, this element will ensure you can stay focused and get plenty of work done in your makeshift home office.

3. Easy access to office supplies

Make sure to keep a compact collection of office supplies within reach — pens, pencils, paper clips, rubber bands and whatever else you may need. Your supplies can be kept in a desk drawer, a portable box or a stylish basket.

4. Visual motivation

You can leave yourself encouraging Post-It notes or frame inspiring quotes to act as an extra form of motivation. Although this isn’t an essential when it comes to creating a home office, a little visual reminder to increase your productivity can go a long way.

5. The ability to close down

Since this office is at home, you want to be able to balance your work and home life. Being able to mentally leave or close down your office will be important to return to enjoying your home after work is done. Turning off a desk lamp, tucking in a chair or closing a door can all become an end of work time ritual to signify you are done for the day.

With these simple five elements, you’ll be able to create your home office in any apartment space.