Hello guys! So, this is me. My name is Dimitra Avgeri and I’m about to be 22 in a few months. Yes! I’m an aquarius . I study Marketing and Public Relations at Panteion University and I hope I graduate this year so that I will do my master in Barcelona or in the United States.

My family consists of five people. It’s my dad, my mom, my sister , my grandmother and I. We have really good relations with each other, we are close enough, we share many moments together, since we go for lunch outside, walk nearby the sea , organize family dinners and we invite our friends and relatives at home to play table games and discuss.

I’m obsessed with travelling and this started since my parents took me to Los Angeles when I was 7 years old(Yes! I remember every single thing). I love Greek islands and places for snowboard but I also adore exploring European countries like Italy, Spain, France etc. Barcelona is my favorite town till now since I am a big fan of Barcelona FC.

Moreover, I attend trx lessons at the gym as I have a sweet tooth. I usually go clubbing with my friends but I also like staying home watching series. I use to go for walks next to the beach and watching the sunsets, it’s so relaxing. My passion is photography. I enjoy capturing the moments that produce feelings.

Well, my parents think I dream too big but they never underestimate my dreams. My sister says I’m a hopeless romantic… My friends? Huh, they are just as crazy as I am, that’s why I love them. They are always there for me and they give me the best advice, even if sometimes truth hurts.

I use the social media in my every day life and I find it really important for many reasons.

First of all, I use my Facebook profile, which is private, in order to communicate with my friends but mainly with the students of the University. I follow pages that are related to volunteering, kids with special needs, fashion, events and pages with encouraging quotes and videos from every day life that give you hope.

I am also on Instagram , in a private profile, too. At this moment, I find it the most interesting way to explore places through photos. I follow pages about travelling, world-wanderers, accommodation, fashion and my favorite team’s account; Barcelona FC. I post many pictures of my trips and my everyday life because I want to share them with my followers (only people that I know in person) and especially my friends and cousins who live abroad.

Furthermore, one more favorite app on my Iphone is Snapchat although it’s about the moment , I like it because it is quick . I also have account on Twitter but I don’t use it at all. My Medium profile was created during a lesson at the University and since then I use it really often. Finally, I am on LinkedIn but I need to spend more attention on how it runs.

So this is me, a little presentation of a Greek girl having only one goal; To live a life I don’t need to escape from.

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