Avi Goldstein Highlights the Best Places for Luxury Travel in 2021

The tourism industry is taking a big hit from the COVID-19 pandemic, as visitors to major tourism destinations dry up and more countries close their borders to foreign visitors.

While 2020 is shaping up to be a tough year for many inside and outside of tourism, HotelRooms.com founder and CEO Avi Goldstein is confident that 2021 will see people begin exploring the world again and usher in a return to growth for the industry, though major change is also imminent.

Goldstein, who launched the VIP travel service Luxury Connections in 2010, thinks that 2021 will be a great opportunity for luxury vacationers, with the industry likely to offer up incredible deals to try and entice people back to their resorts and hotels.

Even though it appears the novel coronavirus will be largely stamped out by 2021 through the aggressive actions being taken by governments around the world, Avi Goldstein believes that a milder form of social distancing and crowd avoidance are likely here to stay. He believes this may mean the travel industry will be carried more heavily by the higher end of the market, which often affords more privacy, solitude, and space.

With that in mind, we look at several promising places to experience luxury travel in 2021.



Anguilla enjoys warm, comfortable temperatures nearly year-round, so you can make your Anguilla travel plans at your leisure. Keep in mind, however, that the island’s peak tourist season lasts from December to mid-April; because of the increased demand, prices tend to increase considerably during this time. Those looking for a deal should visit Anguilla between May and August, when prices remain fairly reasonable.

St. Barts


In addition to the canals, Mayakoba has plenty of bike and running paths scattered throughout. Since many of the resorts are built back into the foliage, biking to the beach is the preferred mode of transportation. You can also bike to the bustling town of Pueblito. In addition, Mayakoba is home to the only PGA caliber golf course in Mexico with its perfectly manicured grounds.


Amalfi Coast

Avi Goldstein — Founder & CEO of HotelRooms.com, & Luxury Connections. Forest Hills, New York.