Goodbye for Now; Eat at Arby’s

I have been a proud and staunch conservative for many years and intend to remain so. I don’t just tweet conservative tweets or links; as manager of English-language material at Mida webmagazine, I’ve done much work to get quality conservative material translated for an Israeli audience largely in the dark regarding options other than the traditional socialism and populism on which this country was built.

More than this, I believe American conservatism can serve as an important, if not critical beacon for patriots, conservatives and nationalists around the world, a counterpoint to WEIRDo disdain and Putinist manipulation. I think that conservative and classical liberal thought provide a much healthier alternative to integrating minorities and coexistence between different social groups than multiculturalist Balkanization. I still do.

But the GOP caucus in Nevada last night was a real breaking point for me. I saw it coming in the months before, sure. But the recent results made me realize 100% just how utterly wrong I was, on many things. It made me realize just how little influence I and others have, and how little our efforts matter. It made me realize just how small a minority we really are.

It wasn’t the “moderates” or the “disaffected Democrats” who shocked me. It was the self-declared “conservatives,” “libertarians,” “classical liberals,” and “religious” people who in primary after primary overwhelmingly supported Trump. In tweets and on TV shows, in publications and in blogs, people from all stripes and backgrounds dropped all their supposed principles at the mere ring of the Pavlovian bell of nationalism, free stuff, and faux-masculinity.

Don’t get me wrong — they have every right to make their own decisions and face the consequences, as do I. I don’t believe anyone “owes” me their loyalty or that they “have to” agree with me on economics or foreign policy. But the easy betrayal of all principles for a transparent con-man who flashes money, gold, and women draped in a flag like the crassest of rap singers demonstrated just how shallow support for anything above the level of bread and circuses is in 2016. Maybe it was always like this.

This Is About Emotional Celebrity Worship, Nothing More

Spare me the specific complaints on policy — whether it comes to immigration, foreign policy, or political correctness. It’s emotional bullshit rationalization and we both know it. Trump was repeatedly exposed as a fraud and an inconsistent one at that on everything you hold dear, yet you still protect him as though he were your sister.

No, to me what’s happened is that you’ve fallen for the quick fix like every sucker who’s ever lived. You don’t want the reasonable or even possible measures — like the many, many working people who waste what little money they have on lottery tickets, gambling tables and get-rich-quick scams, you want the instant and total satisfaction of all your dreams. Right now. It’s no surprise that Trump was so successful in a state that leeches off of millions of suckers every year, all thinking they’re special and “deserve” to win the jackpot.

Spare me, too, the demands for respect. Respect is something you earn. What you want is what has been given constantly to many minorities simply for existing — self-esteem boosting. You want honor simply for being you. You won’t get it. I’ll tell you a dirty secret: neither do they. The same white elites who scorn you and praise the rioters at Ferguson always make every effort to live as far away from “that kind” as possible so they can continue to pander to peasants while living like protected lords. Trump’s pandering to you is no different, and you need only see how he undercuts his workers with the illegals he claims to want to deport to understand this.

A Glimpse of the Future

I’m not saying this to convince you. You’re beyond convincing. But let me tell you a few things that will very likely happen should your dreams come true and Donald Trump wins the general election as the GOP nominee.

Planned Parenthood, an organization caught on tape killing babies that had already left their mother’s womb for their organs, will continue to be fully funded. Trump will veto any attempt to end federal money, often with an empty and worthless promise to ensure the money “doesn’t go to abortion.”

The fight for religious liberty, strengthened by legislation pushed by Mike Lee and which would promise to blunt the LGBT offensive across the country, will be vetoed by Trump. In all likelihood, the Human Rights Act, whose purpose is to force religious institutions and associations to sacralize not only homosexuality but also gay marriage or be shut down, will be passed instead. In addition, Trump’s judicial appointments, not just to the Supreme Court but other courts, will be SJW-friendly. He will not spend one second fighting the culture of PC that pervades the federal government and the education systems.

There are two reasons for this. First, Trump comes from the world of big business, and all of his friends, without exception, never stop pushing “diversity” of the most radical SJW kind in every ad, policy, product, and service they produce. If he has to choose between voters he doesn’t need anymore and partners he will, he will choose the latter. He is a man steeped in political correctness, and there is every reason to think his “anti-PC” attitude is mere convenience.

Second, contrary to what you might think, skill in business negotiation is not and never will be the same as negotiation in politics. The Democrats he has always donated to have decades of experience in political deals and manipulating people, and as Trump has shown time and again — he is very easy to manipulate if you know how to push the right buttons. It is the difference between someone who knows how to throw a punch or two on the street and champion boxers. He will lose, even if he claims it as a “win.”

The GOP in Congress will have no choice but to agree to Trump’s actions or launch a civil war that will gut the already gutted party. They will become just as corrupt as their master. Good people like Paul Ryan, Mike Lee, and even Mitch McConnell, who were slowly learning to become more attentive to voters’ interests, will be forced to revert to the crude stereotype of the “establishment” talk radio always told you they were. The GOP will be dead in the water, a mere appendage to the Democrats.

Perhaps you don’t care, and “all you care about” is white dominance, job security for life and “to hell with the world.”

I’ve got bad news for that, too. Trump’s arguments on immigration remain inconsistent and fuzzy, but even in their most extreme form, mass deportation will only result in “letting them back in” for many. Again — Trump comes from the world of big business that thrives on bypassing immigration laws and getting away with it. Same with H1-Bs. Even if they are all thrown out, moreover, simple birth rates among legal immigrants will check or erode white dominance regardless. More than any other race, whites decided to abandon family for free sex, and now you will pay the consequences you fear so greatly, as they do in Europe.

Nor will “job security for life” ever happen. If you read history, you’d know it has usually been a phantasm in the first place, and that artificial propping up of dying businesses and industries is not only a losing proposition, but it means that your entire life and worth is now dependent on tax money and government help, since what you do isn’t really worth it and you are now too afraid to change direction. Proud independence you will not have.

Mass tariffs and protectionism will only harm you. Many businesses will simply not expand to hire, shut down, or invest in automation. The transition to a world where robots do more work, which could have taken place slowly without so many labor regulations and laws which make you too expensive to hire, will take place at warp speed. Instead of being able to gradually adapt and change to the new situation, you will be hit with a freight train of change. Your “protected” job will last a few years, if that, after which you will simply be unemployable. Trump, and the donor and elite classes you so despise, will suffer not at all.

Meanwhile, the cost of living, which has been consistently going down thanks to increasing free trade, will freeze in place or go up. You’ll make more money. You’ll also spend more. And there will still be many, many welfare moochers around, because Trump is dogmatically committed to “taking care of everyone” on your tax dime.

And “ending intervention” and retreating to Fortress America?

This isn’t the Early Middle Ages, when most people lived an isolated existence independent of trade at a bare level of subsistence. All the goods and services you enjoy come from other countries and are brought via shipping lanes. Once hostile powers take over countries or lanes, look forward to extortion or even the stoppage of said trade, and maybe even the expansion of terrorism and conflict over them.

American allies around the world, who once depended on the US as a bastion of freedom and admired it, will quickly get Trump’s and your hint that they are worthless to you. They’ll “cut deals” with monsters like Putin or Xi and maybe even fight on the same battlefield as them. Don’t expect them to give any more of a shit about you than you them. They’ll probably give less.

Those magical tariffs, meanwhile, which you think will solve all your problems, will accelerate conflict. It’s happened before many times — when countries and empires need resources and can’t get them from trade, they’ll try and get them through conquest. It happened in WWII with various tariff wars, it happened many times in the past, and given the aggressive moves of economically fragile nuclear powers like China and Russia, an effective trade embargo may very well push them over the brink.

Enjoy the Bed You Made

Like I said, I don’t say any of this to convince you. I tell you this so that you own it 100%. So that you stand in front of the mirror every morning and say “I am willing to risk world peace, prosperity and my own personal future and value for a pat on the head and a few coins.” Your choice, but understand the downside.

I’m tired. I need a break. I can’t spend another night on Twitter watching another repeat of Nevada on Super Tuesday. It’s too painful. I had lots of articles planned (one article, on Ukraine, will come out next week) for addressing the serious problems that Trump “attacked” so superficially. But I now think it’s a waste of time. The people who need to read them or run with them won’t and it takes too much out of me. Time I recognized my own insignificance.

I’m taking a break. Going to invest in myself, my own self-improvement. I’ve neglected my well-being far too much on this. Maybe, at some point, I’ll regain my optimism and energy. But for now, be well, and tend to your families and gardens. In the end, that’s the most conservative, humane, and effective thing you can do in these troubled times.

And eat KFCs. They at least make tasty nihilist food.

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