Dushy Abeyesekera

Dushy Abeysekera

I grew up with a distinct love of nature — probably influenced by my early days spent in Bandarawela and then Kandy. From rocks and shells to animals and plants — all things held a fascination that exists to this day. I even had pet snakes in my room which had the added bonus of keeping my Mum at bay ! I loved spending time in the forests that surround Kandy and from that developed particular interests in the birdlife and butterflies of Sri Lanka.

A hotel in Bandarawela

I painted. ‘Birds of Ceylon’ was a project started, with water colour plates and copious field notes — with a view to sharing this beauty in the form of a book. My eventual work and then leaving for Australia put this on hold rather permanently.

I dabbled with music, taught myself guitar, wrote some songs and played in a few bands, as one does when you yearn for creative expression and more exposure from the exploding global music phenomenon that was the 70s. These were the days of no internet and no TV for us, so we only had snippets of what was happening outside, via the local radio stations.

I had no particular fondness for the scholastic curriculums of the times, so school was a place I had to go to and I got by. I did get involved in many extra-curricular activities and sports while in school. The Trinity College Choir to name one, held a special place in my life and was also influenced by my parents’ involvement in choirs and the theatre at the time. It was these things that provided more rounded and at times practical perspectives on life.

Chapel at the Trinity College Kandy
Kandy Lake

Life — this great mystery that many thought they had already mapped out through various strategies — distinct fields of study being one, held unanswered questions for me. Scholastically and generally we had limited choices, so had to fit in to the existing molds — something that did not resonate with me. Deep down I am a rebel. I rebel and challenge pretty much everything, and so many things came under the microscope as a result — religions being one. I did not agree with what I saw — there was too much segregation, intolerance and descriptions of a judging and needy God whom I personally had not experienced — only been told about and expected to believe in…

I look back on these times and treasure them for helping to lay the foundations for what was to become a way of life in my later years. I know now that what I experienced was the duality this world holds by its very nature, a duality that helps one hone what we want, by truly knowing what we do not, and in doing so, creating new ways of being.

As an Early adult I spent seven glorious years travelling the world with Air Lanka and learning from the ‘University of Life’ as I call it. Learning about other cultures, visiting wonderful places and meeting and working with wonderful people were the Class Rooms of Life.

Air Lanka Tristar L1011

I learnt some amazing life lessons — lessons about understanding other races, religions and cultures, and their ways of life, and learning to co-exist with people of various backgrounds. It taught me the ups and downs of relationships and committing to causes and principles. It took me to far corners of the world and showed me places of pure beauty and wonder as well as showcasing instances of humankind’s shortsightedness, brutality, greed and intolerances. I experienced ‘feeding the ego’ and its consequences — my own as well as others. I experienced amazing moments of tenderness and humility, love that is conditional as well as unconditional, and friendships that have stood the tests of time, built on shared experiences.

The constant travel brought with it a rekindled interest in photography. I worked my way through simple ‘point and shoot’ cameras to the bigger SLRs and developed a penchant for wildlife and travel photography.

Africa stands out as a place of pure beauty. I was privileged to spend some months in Malawi, where the simplicity of life and the generosity and kindness of her people, stood out like beacons in a wider world of essentially fear based living. I was drawn to Malawi in a way that is hard to describe, as it appeared to come from a time long lost… I seriously considered living there; such was the pull this land had on me.

Experiencing countries, cultures, religions and ethnicities on an almost constant rotational basis gave me an in-depth understanding of ‘global human nature’ and how we largely tend to operate from a base of fear irrespective of how ‘advanced’ or not we are perceived to be. Racial and religious intolerances were blatant in some places, thinly veiled in others and not perceived in a few.

Places of historical (and current) religious fame did not have the proclaimed impacts on me. Their energies were muddied and in some cases non-existent. Yet, I found other places — simple and insignificant to most, that had the most amazing energies and vibrations. Some of these are to be found in Sri Lanka and stand as a reminder of our true nature.

I experienced first-hand the senseless horror of the bombing of Air Lanka’s Lockheed L1011 Tri Star at Katunayake in 1986. I saw the finger pointing and the blame game in action, as this yet again demonstrated how such instances were, and are perceived, as being perpetrated by someone else, with none, if any, accountability or involvement from those pointing the finger. I saw instances of damage to property and infrastructure being given more prominence than lives lost! I also saw the support and help that family, friends and colleagues brought to play, as new and old bonds of kindred friendships were born and nurtured.

The L1011 Tristar bombing in Katunayake 1986

Here were more life lessons — for those who could really see. I see them more clearly now, than I did at the time.

This was the catalyst for a move to Australia a year later. Melbourne became my home and has been so to this date. Starting life in a city I had never been to before should have been daunting, however, such thoughts never entered my mind. Having some family from my wife’s side and a handful of school friends provided us with all the support and help we needed.

Middle Years

I learnt about dignity of labour; Again, vastly different to my inherited perception at the time. I learnt about the ‘Aussie spirit’ and of the many nuances and peculiarities that are endemic to Australia. I had been warned about racism and yet did not perceive it — certainly not openly. Yes there were references to colour that I found were more in keeping with jest and camaraderie than in any racist or malicious way. I found that reciprocal banter brought about closer relationships. These were glimpses into the Aussie spirit.

I also realized that racism in its current definition — this much touted word, was commonplace in various forms and degrees in just about every place on earth I have visited. I was forced to admit to myself that racism was rampant in a much more open and blatant manner in the land of my birth than in Australia. I remember a conversation with my Mother which touched on racism and whether I had experienced it in Melbourne — and my reply was that I experienced more of it in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka my family abandoned our home and fled many times during racial riots. We played host to many displaced people of other ethnicities and sheltered them in our home during other times of racial conflict. I have had knives held to me with demands for petrol so that homes and people may be set on fire… and more. I did not and have not seen this in Australia.

Yet I know that Sri Lankans are a gentle and sharing race of people….there is no better example of this than how Sri Lankans rallied together and opened their doors to friends and strangers alike in the face of horrific conflict and racial tensions. It could also be seen in the remote villages in particular, as part of their normal way of life , where sharing simple things were everyday occurrences.

I know now that racism is more open and ugly in certain parts of Australia.

Why have I said all this ? It is to illustrate that fundamentally we are all similar and are one… we share the same needs, wants and fears. It is to highlight that we have tended to act from bases of fear. Fears about losing what we have, fears about not getting what we want, fears about people who appear different.. and the list goes on.

The time has come where all this is now changing. New ways of being are making their way into the mainstreams of life.

I have now worked in a few different industries holding management positions of varying description in search of a job that would meet my needs. I even worked for myself as a photographer, which catered to an element of creativity that burns with a passion. In all these while some of my needs have been met, nothing has even come close to meeting this yearning inside, this feeling of needing to find this missing link…. which eventually led me to look within myself for answers. This introspective journey continues and has been the start of a new journey.

This new journey has been about learning to love myself in the true sense of the word and to let go of fear.

I have realised that most of the time I have been acting out a base of fear — a fear of not meeting expectations, a fear of not making ends meet, a fear of not fitting in or not being accepted, a fear of being exploited, a fear of not being what someone else expects me to be.. ….and the list goes on. I know now that in order to be of service or help to anyone else, I need to first love myself and be true to myself, for it is only then that I may act from a base of love, strong in the knowledge that whatever happens I am true to the highest version of myself possible at this time.

I have learnt about the law of attraction which has also been interpreted as the law of Karma. Simply put, this states that what we put out is what we attract. Stated another way, our state of vibration or state of being attracts similar vibrations or states of being or when you love yourself, you attract more love, for this is the vibration you give out.

Today my life is more about living out my life path to its truest rather than doing something for the same of making ends meet or having ‘status’. I cater to my creative needs mainly through my photography. I work with healing energies and am a certified Pranic Healer and Past Life Regressionist. I like helping people to help themselves, through understanding who we really are. We all have amazing abilities, which most of us have conditioned ourselves to forget or think we cannot do.

Dushy in his workshop

I use myself as an example for I am emerging from a fear based mode of operation and am beginning to accept and see what an amazing journey life is and what a mind boggling creation this human body and soul is.

I know that our souls live on and continue to evolve through various incarnations. The people we incarnate with generally belong to our soul group and appear in our lives at precise moments in perfect character to help us all grow. I am thankful for the many souls who have blessed my life through their involvement and presence in helping me understand and grow.

My single biggest learning has been in realizing that the only thing I can change at any time is myself. All others have their own agendas and paths to follow. This single fact has far reaching and global implications if understood and lived by.

I know that all things come at precisely the right time for each of us, as determined by us. How we act upon these things is our free choice, and determines what we attract next… This is both on an individual level as well as a collective conscious level.

It makes you think again about what’s happening both locally as well as globally…and how the power of one can provide the catalyst for change by giving rise to energies that then are taken up by others…

It is time to deliberately attract global solutions and global thinking. No longer do I view countries as ‘sovereign states’. They are simply players in our collective community known as this Earth. It is time for governments to collaborate with each other for the betterment of our global community. This earth can sustain all life in a way that ensures all its citizens have the basics for life met, when we learn to share and share equally. It will still allow for the enterprising to rise above these basics and be who they want to be. This is not about another mold to fit all… it is about ensuring that as humans, we treat each other and this planet with respect and love.

I see my life in another transition right now, as it evolves in to a collaborative venture in providing a holistic wellbeing and healing service to a wider group. It has given birth to ‘Soul Chrysalis’ which caters to topics such as holistic nutrition and ways of being, relationship counseling, energy healing for the physical and etheric bodies, along with understanding the journey of the soul through past life regressions and future life progressions. I see the energies from this venture contributing towards this global awakening… our awakening.

I invite your active and deliberate participation with the highest choices you can make, as we add our threads to the tapestry that is our collective journey.

Dushy & Nelly