What’s your future?

The one question that hangs in every students head

Source: Nostradamus Prophecies

Well it was an evening. A rough evening indeed. Sitting on the couch in the living room and over my right my father sitting patiently looking at me with his hands folded. And over my left my mother mirrored the same as my father was. The question asked to me over a hundred times hung in the air with arguments. As we all know “mind over matter” – in the sense with your willingness you can over come any obstacle. But this evening was well beyond gods control. Where sorrow and sadness is a least concern in this Modern world. Lost control over my decisions of my mind and heart. My will, wishes and desires were indeed coming true. It was the future that my father asked his soothsayer (oh god the local slang) was as if falling by itself in front of me in my mind right in the living room. Not comfortable. Confused. Losing my mind.

FYI there was a member in a team who has legacy contacts over the enemy territory and used to summer camp in unacknowledged shops in his hometown which were apparently for violence.

Now that’s out of the way, like most lucky parents who understand their kids steps and progression. Mine wasn’t meant to be there because of the viruses that my father installed in his head. I wasn’t more sure until now where am I standing. Or has it been? “Life knocks you hard but keep moving forward, whatever it takes just keep moving forward” Up until now learnt many lessons lost many of my friends been in situations which I wish I shouldn’t have been born yet. And thinking that I wish I had a time machine to start it all over again. My Timing is excellent. Back to that evening, I later nodded and replied “That is what makes me ME”, pointing at myself. “I’m different than the robotic crowd”. My father burst into laughter and my mother smiled and the evening went peacefully. In the future posts there’ll be lots to come so stay tuned. Sayonara.

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