Never Met.

“Still blocked”, sighs Pankaj looking into the whats-app profile picture of Ashi, showing a human structure on circular background with her name in front of it. Rest everything is blank.


“Hi”, a cold voice of girl from other side of the phone.

“It’s Pankaj”

“I know your number is saved into my contact.”

“Oh! you still have my number, where are you these days?”

“Here only”

“But why are you not coming on whats app?”

“Not feeling good these days”.

“Oh! why.. what happened?”

“Nothing”, after a brief pause from both side, Ashi further added, “I am angry with you”.

“Oh! why?”

“See you don’t remember that, I don’t have to talk to you….”.

“No no no no.. listen.. please”, Pankaj interrupted hurriedly.

“Have you called me to say sorry?”

“Umm.. yes!”

“Say it”


“You are idiot” a naughty voice of Ashi came in reply to hi sorry.

“Oh! why?”

“Because you don’t even know how to say sorry to some one and specially when that someone is your best friend”, snobbish Ashi said forcing on almost every word.

“Oh! sorry again”

“You are fool. How many more times you are going to say sorry again and again?”

“Okay sorry now no sorry”.

“I will kill you Pankaj if you said sorry for one more time”, this time the visuals of voice seems as if Ashi is naughty shouting on Pankaj and her smile can easily sensed on this side of the phone.

Pankaj’s smiling face electrified in love and care. Looking at his glowing face, his room mate started mimicking in girl’s tone.

“Pankaj darling, who is on the phone?”

Pankaj widening his eyes warned his room mate not to disturb him, but he repeated the question in the same girly voice.

“Who is this girl Pankaj?” asked Ashi from other side of the phone.

“My room mate, I had told you, no?”

“So why are you talking to me. Go and talk to him, he need you right now.”

“But I am talking to you, I will listen to him latter”.

“Okay! So…?”

“So, unblock me on whatsapp”.

“Did you said sorry?”

“Yes so many times”.

“Okay then I will unblock you. Bye”.

“Bye Ashi”, Pankaj replied to her bye making a dull face.

After five minutes, “Still blocked”, Pankaj aid looking at his room mate.

“So you again started talking with Ashi.”

“Yes, I cannot tolerate her absence more than one week” Pankaj said in a very cold tone.

“I was knowing this, you will again start chatting on whatsapp whole night.”

“No I will chat till twelve only, promise.”

“And how many of these promises have you kept?”

“This promise is from heart and I will keep it at any cost. I know I got a low grade last year due to chat with her, but this time I will put apart my love life and my studies and you will see I will excel in both of them”, Pankaj replied looking above at the Shahruk Khan’s pic pinned at the wall.

“This is your thousandth of the from heart promises and by the way your love? Have you proposed her ever, she too had never proposed you I guess.”

“No but I will prose her in near future, I am planing it.”

“Planning to propose where, on whatsapp?”

“No on call”.

“Are you nerd, you are going to propose a girl you had never met. And how can a person fall in love with a girl by talking only on whatsapp?”

“I am talking to her for two years and I know everything about her. She is very sweet girl and when I feel low, talking to her brings energy to me.”

“Seriously man, you need a psychologist”.

“No I don’t need one but it is confirm now that you are jealous to me.”

“Why should I jealous with you?”

“Oh man she had still blocked me”, Pankaj said looking at the whatsapp profile on Ashi.

“Hello Ashi”.

“Hey Pankaj”.

“It’s morning now and nine hour had passed since we talked but you had not unblocked me. Why so?”

“Actually I realized today in the morning that my net pack had expired yesterday and I forgot to tell you.”

“Oh! which recharge you do for your network, tell me I can do it online.”

“No.. no.. I will do it myself”.

“No I don’t have any issue, tell me”.

“I said no, why are you insisting?”

“Okay fine then, tell me when your recharge has done”. Pankaj cut the phone in anguish.

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