Let’s Swacch — The D.A.V way

Which of these gases is the third most found in the air we breathe?

A) Nitrogen B) Oxygen C) Argon

Some need Google to refresh their memory. Not the 6th DAV Mogappair boys!

This was their response when asked if anyone knows the answer to the question. As it turns out, 90% of them answered right.

If you’re still scratching your head wondering what the answer is,


How do you teach such smart kids the importance of the Swachh movement?

You can show or you can inspire.

We chose both.

Through an interactive quiz and by asking thought provoking questions, we successfully managed to engage the children in an 1 hour session on the meaning and depth of the Swacch — it is more than just holding a broom, it is a lifestyle and a choice that everyone has control over. As children, they have superpowers and we helped them realize that.

In the first session, Mathew Jose, CEO & Founder of Paperman, enthralled the students by taking the example of their favorite super heroes ( Batman, was the favourite) and connecting it to the fundamental reason of why super heroes are loved and admired so much. More than their masks and passion for action, what they stood for and what they did are what mattered.

The DAV boys have vowed to take action and stop anyone they see from littering.

Don’t be surprised if you see a young boy come up and tell you not to throw garbage on the road.

Would you dare defy a super hero ?

Made by the students of DAV Boys Mogappair

This activity was conducted as part of the Paperman — Swachh Anna Nagar Campaign. Read more about it here :

If you want your children or students to be engaged in an 1 hour session on recycling and the importance of Swacch, reach out to Avinash Satish @ 995208822 to build more super heroes ☺

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