What kind of affect does Reading have on our mind ? What actually is reading?

This is what I think, reading a single book will not change a person, it has to become a habit. Our memories are short, even if a person reads a book, he will forget about it within a week. Yes he has read a book, but he will forget about it, that is what I think happens while reading a book. But there is something to reading or atleast I would like to believe so, while reading we experience excitement, surprise, frustration, angry, sadness and a lot other emotions like being already familiar with the topic even if you don’t know a thing about the topic. All these emotions may somehow affect our brains indirectly (sub-consciously). When the time is right(need arises) you will recall those emotions, experiences not the exact things you have read, but somehow you will those emotions or experiences into words. It doesn’t mean every book gets or makes a connection with our brain, only some which I guess will depend on the psychic of the person.

Most people belong to a category of reading where they slowly form ideas about something and books that conform their ideas makes a connection with the brain and those don’t conform are discarded, kind of bias. This is something similar to a puzzle, where you select those pieces which form the puzzle and intentionally discard the other pieces. Then the question comes to my mind is “ What is the point of reading of reading ?” If reading is considered to increase one’s perspective, reading only those which conforms the perspective is not reading at all.

I have this feeling that Reading don’t change a bad person into good or vice-versa (it’s a myth). When we say reading books has changed a person, it has got lot to do with the kind of books he has read. Choice matters, the kind of books he is choosing matters. More than that the kind of ideas, a person already has matters too, and it defines whether a person likes a book or not. I think it’s a kind of loop.

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