Why To Start Your Own Activewear Brand Today?

The active market has been going through immense profits and a consequent growth in sales. It’s the kind of winning streak that raises eyebrows, as health and fitness trend for adults and sports participation for youths goes global. With more focus turning towards sports and fitness arena, the billion-dollar athleisure wear and activewear trend is rising up and giving way to the brand new style quotients. The obsession with healthy living and working out has made acti9vewear a trend today, and there is no stopping this. Surprisingly, all of the activewear brands witnessed triple digit growth in the last few months compared to the same period in 2015.

Thus, if you too are thinking to change your course of business, there cannot be anything more effective and wise than to launch your own activewear apparel brand. Be it gym clothing or sports garments, the athletic clothing market will make you swoon over the bright prospects that it promises, and once you kick-start it off with a good planning and strong base, you are good to go.

Sportswear sales in the UK were all set to surpass £6bn in 2015 as the increasingly blurred line between athletics clothes and high fashion has been driving up the demand for these outfits. The statistics report estimates that the activewear industry could add $83 billion in sales by 2020, or more than 30% growth. The translation of more active lifestyle has come from the growing interest to take part in sports activities and join the gym. With this, comes the rising interest to look good while sweating out, and hence the fashionable fitness freak men and women are always in search for the high quality, practical and comfortably stylish activewear pieces. Also, the sports participation among high-schoolers overall has jumped from 25% to more than 35% over the past 35 years. Thus, be it the school and college going youth or the aged ones, everyone now wants to have the toned silhouette. Thus, with increasing demands for the fitness clothes, your activewear brand will be able to build a niche market for them. This blooming industry of fitness clothing makes it a golden opportunity for you start a brand of your own too at the soonest.

Cultivating the idea to launch your own activewear brand also comes from the the strongest factor is the, i.e. the rise of “athleisure”, or the trend of wearing gym clothes as everyday attire. Athleisure was one of the most Googled style terms in 2014 and even the luxury fashion houses are turning to athletic inspired athleisure today. There is a new information doing its round speculating that the “athleisure” clothing market will make up to $83 billion in sales by 2020. Thus, the rise of athleisure community is another reason why you should try out on starting your own activewear brand.

With the rising growth of the activewear apparel market with athleisure consumers, the leading activewear manufacturers too are shifting their focus to producing the fitness clothing pieces. They are churning out the trendiest activewear garments, at lucrative bulk rates and offering wholesale benefits and discounts. Thus, you can experience a hassle free stock management from them.

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