What is COPD lung functionality

The number of people who are showing the symptoms of COPD are increasing every day and thanks to changing lifestyle and increasing air pollution and changing environment. It is affecting people of all age groups starting from kids to adults. Generally COPD is a generic term used for progressive lung diseases like emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and non reversible asthma and so on. Anything that involves lung will involve breathlessness which normal people generally mistake it as a sign of aging. However most people don’t know what is COPD? Therefore it’s important that you understand the symptoms and treatment for them.

COPD mainly affects the lung function and at the initial stage it is difficult to notice the symptoms as it is possible for a person to have COPD for a span of years without actually realizing it. It is important that you consult a doctor if you see any of the symptoms like prolonged breathlessness, increased coughing with or without sputum, wheezing and tightness in the chest. If you consult a doctor, request for a spirometry test, which basically tests your functionality of your lung and how well you breathe in and breathe out.

COPD is mostly caused by inhaling pollutants which are harmful for your lung and that is the reason a lot of people prefer wearing a basic mask which helps them avoid the smoke from cars and also burning of plastic. Sometimes even Genetics have a role in this, so even if you have never smoked or exposed there are chances for you to get COPD.

Studies have shown that most of the people who have history of smoking have high chances of developing COPD, so it is time that you stop smoking and start exercising. Apart from these people who work in industries involving chemicals and refineries also have high chances of developing COPD because of their exposure to harmful gases and toxins like compounds of sulphur, and ammonia and so on as these people initially start seeing signs of breathlessness over a period of time.

Another cause of COPD is the deficiency of AATD where a person without the habit of smoking are prone to developing COPD. If not COPD, they are prone to develop other diseases too. If they are exposed to certain harmful lung irritants like chemical, dust and smoke can lead to allergic cough at the initial stage which if untreated can lead to severe lung disorders and also affect the functionality of the organ and this can lead to complications and affect the other parts of the body. It becomes difficult to treat them at a later stage.