This election is unlike any other in our nation’s history.
Ted Cruz

In general, with the debacle this election has become, I can understand people very reluctantly voting for either Trump or Clinton, in the belief that the other would cause grievous harm to the country. Moreover, the explanation Ted gives is logical and reasonable, and falls exactly into line with someone trying to make the best of a bad situation. Furthermore, in general, we are much better served by politicians who are able to process information and change their minds if new information warrants it instead of being stuck with ideologues who will incredulously ignore reality. Therefore, if this decision was made by anyone else, I would have very few issues. With Ted, however, I think it is different. He made his initial stand based on Trump’s temperament; Trump’s comments about Ted’s citizenship and family as preeminent but not exclusive examples. I do not see anywhere in Ted’s explanation a statement wherein he addresses the insults to his person and his family. Moreover, I do not see anywhere addressed the issue of temperament or why Ted no longer considers it so important as to preclude endorsement.

I believe Ted remains among the most constitutionally conservative members of Congress, and I hope he continues to promote those principles. I also hope if he learns anything from this election it is that he must find a way to promote and protect those principles in a way which is more conciliatory and less abrasive. The country is better off with Ted Cruz than most other people. But that does not ameliorate the disappointment I am feeling now. To me, some of the luster of Cruz has been tarnished. If he was going to support Trump, he should have always said he is uncertain or deciding. By going from a no to a yes, and not addressing main concerns, his reasoning is somewhat diminished in my opinion — for however little that may be worth.

G-d bless the United States of America, it’s military and first responders, and all those who cherish the freedoms its constitution enshrines.

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