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Ken Soh

RGNU/Linux strict OSes are to and

But the best Linux Operating Systems are strictly for Free Software, so we need such a guides, in order to build operating environment for a basic Chrome Stable Browser… Yes, it’s far away from Free Software, as it’s defined in, but even if you take a Chromium — that is pure Free and Open Software, you should build the same environment to use it. What? Mozilla? Forget about it! But GNU/Linux Operating Systems are the best! I’m fuzzy on a Fedora 26 Workstation now, and it’s just brilliant. The possibilities it has, no Ubuntu, neither LinuxMint, nor Debian could have! Windows is Light Years far from

I have installed Fedora Enterprise 7 repositories, coming in basis from Enterprise Linux — and it’s something to be happy, if you don’t use computers for browsing and Word…