When Do I Need To Hire a Business Coach?

When frustration overtakes productivity — hire a business coach!

This is a question that many entrepreneurs and business professionals alike think about on a regular basis. …

Before investors “Show you the money”, you need to be ready to answer these questions.

Before you interface with an investor to present your startup, you need to know the answers to the questions listed below.

Having a well-practiced speech is not solely sufficient to impress a prospective investor. Investors want to know all the things you left out, and how you came up with your assumptions. Be prepared to impress by making sure you have an answer to all of these questions.

When you are raising capital, you are always going to get the same type of questions with regards to your business repeatedly. …

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” — Michael Jordan

Getting people to work together and be in sync is a serious challenge. As a business consultant, executive coach, and practitioner I can confirm with you first hand — how difficult it is to create a High-Performance Team (HPT). In this article, I wish to share what I believe are the five key attributes high-performance teams have in common. I am not saying that having these attributes will guarantee a great team as there are many other factors to consider such as leadership, management, and certain policies.

The ability to create an environment where team members “all play nicely together”…

Do not get scammed from a sketchy ICO

It troubles me that in so many social and professional circles, certain words from this ecosystem yield negative responses. As part of a new tech startup that will soon be launching a Token Generation Event (TGE), it is extremely disheartening to know that words (and acronyms) like Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Crypto, ICO, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Mining, Token, Coin, and many more related to this ecosystem do just that. When I conducted research on ICO’s, there were varying articles stating that anywhere between 50% to 80%[1] of the organizations that launch an ICO end up to be scams or failures.

With the project…

The Startup Journey is Mentally Taxing

This article is about recognizing that being involved in a startup is a mentally challenging experience — both for you (the founder) as well as your significant other, family and friends. In recognition of this fact, here are some points of wisdom I have learned over the years as a founder of many startups, as a business consultant, coach, and mentor working with hundreds of startups, and as a VC.

This article is especially beneficial for a startup that will require funding.

1- Personal Life: If you are part of a startup and you have a significant other, family, and…

Long before I got into this exciting field of technology I cringed when I heard of individuals speaking about ICO’s, Bitcoin, Blockchain and other common industry terminology. You see, from the perspective of an individual who has limited awareness of this technology and who’s financial mindset is based on the typical “vanilla” investment model of VC’s, Angels, Accelerators, IPO’s, seed rounds etc., this world is akin to the wild west of investing — and even gambling (though in all fairness, the stock market can be seen as legalized gambling as well as the insurance industry). I also see commonalities with…

Ok, so most people like to think they are “good”, but also recognize that there are always things one can improve upon in terms of personal growth and development in both our personal and professional lives. With this in mind, I hope to provide you with a list of behaviors’ to consider that are typically at the root of causing you to be less productive and less happy with yourself. So in the spirit of self-improvement here is my list.

Entrepreneurship — a combination of innate abilities and experience?

This is a question that I get asked on a daily basis and not from any specific demographic group.

In all my years as a business consultant, coach, trainer, and speaker I can tell you one simple answer — in my opinion, it is a combination of both.

But the answer is actually a little more complex than this. You see when most people speak about being an entrepreneur they are referring to the innate qualities that most entrepreneurs possess such as risk-taking, excellent communicator, leader, motivator, ability to inspire, able to think quickly and make decisions on what looks…

Building your online reputation & followers

In this last segment, we will wrap it all up and provide you with the last five elements of boosting your professional “Brand Name Reputation” (BNR) while also increasing followers on social media. There are so many more strategies that should be mentioned as well as the inner workings/details surrounding them as well. The point of this article was to simply provide you with a reasonable idea of what is needed in this era of all things digital. …

Avy-Loren Cohen 🇨🇦

I write for CEOs, Founders & Startups - inspired by over 20 years as an entrepreneur, founder, CEO, consultant & advisor. Visit avylorencohen.com for more info

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