Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

Well put, Owen. As one of those pensioners I rember the 1980s and fear a repeat of the eclipse of the left. To your list of things to be done I would add the need to explain that there have paradoxically been two groups who have gained from globalisation, millions of the world’s poor and the very rich in the west. The left behind/squeezed middle in the global north have seen incomes stagnate for decades and Brexit /Trump attract support by peddling their phoney remedies.The answer is not to try to turn back the clock on globalisation but to develop policies to make it work far better for people whose incomes have stagnated and whose working life has become more precarious. Holding our noses, New Labour had one good idea here- the massive expansion of in work benefits, though they failed to underpin it with (really hold that nose) the Tory increase in the national minimum wage. Add to that firstly, elimination of practices that help make working life so precarious such as zero hours contracts and pseudo self employment, and as Mr Corbyn rightly says things like the posted workers EU regulation. But secondly, create a (that nose wil be squashed now) progressive industrial strategy, which focuses on top quality, well paid skilled work not corporate freeloading. To that manifesto add the Jones version of the fund to help areas with high immigration, sorting social and health care as you rightly stress, seriously addressing the need for more and more appropriate housing and ending the abuse by landlords of desparate renters, use cheap money to invest in much needed green infrastructure,as the shadow chancellor rightly stresses….and renationalise failing rail francises and properly crack down on the UK’s world class tax dodging. Its really not hard to write a manifesto sufficiently popular for the left to win. But it seems all we want to do is score points off each other, giving the Tories the opportunity to party like its 1986. Adrian A